Comics A.M. | Manga is 80% of Japan's digital book market

Manga | Manga accounted for almost 80 percent of Japan's digital book market in the 2013 fiscal year, according to a report released by the Yano Research Institute. The marketing research company predicts the country's larger digital market, which is worth about $710 million, will see a 23.5 percent growth in the 2014 fiscal year. [Anime News Network]

Publishing | Tom Devlin, creative director of Drawn and Quarterly, talks about the unlikely success of Tove Jansson's Moomin comics. [Montreal Gazette]

Comics | Noah Berlatsky writes about Wonder Woman the character and Wonder Woman the comic. [The Atlantic]

Comics | Tom Spurgeon interviews comics scholar Susan Kirtley, author of Lynda Barry: Girlhood Through the Looking Glass. [The Comics Reporter]

Creators | Scott Rosenberg talks with Star Wars writer Jason Aaron about working on the iconic property. [amNewYork]

Creators | Ram Devineni, one of the creators of Priya's Shakti, which directly addresses the problem of rape in India, talks about the genesis of the comic and the surprising reaction to it. [Comics Creator News]

Creators | Reed Beebe explores the connections between Charlie Brown and Charlie Hebdo, and interviews Magnus Shaw, whose "Je Suis Charlie" tweet appropriated a Peanuts panel depicting Charlie Brown weeping. [Nothing But Comics]

Manga | Vertical Inc. announced a new license on Wednesday: Hajime Segawa's Tokyo ESP, which the publisher describes as a "hilarious and action packed tale of flying fish, teenaged espers, and super-powered penguins terrorizing/protecting(??) Tokyo." [The Shin-Diagonal]

Retailing | The Tulsa, Oklahoma, comic shop Wizard's Asylum is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and reporter Jimmie Tramel uses that as a news hook for a roundup of origin stories and "memorable moments" from a number of Tulsa comic shops. And he did a sidebar on the coolest thing in each store. [Tulsa World]

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