Comics A.M. | Man demands 'Magic' cards in attempted robbery

Crime | A sheepish would-be robber walked away empty-handed Monday afternoon after attempting to hold up a Little Rock, Arkansas, comic store for Magic: The Gathering Cards. "I hate to do this, but I have a gun, and I want a box of Magic cards for my son's birthday," the man allegedly told a clerk at The Comic Book Shop. However, when the employee offered him a pack of the cards, he reportedly declined and left, saying, "Don't call police." The suspect remains at large, although police have distributed an image of him taken from a security camera. [Arkansas Democrat-Gazette]

Legal | A New York judge will decide today whether Marvel Entertainment has to search its internal email servers for potential evidence in a bizarre lawsuit that claims CEO Isaac Perlmutter and his wife Laura have sent slanderous, unsigned letters accusing a neighbor of sexual assault and murder. Harold Peerenboom insists the Perlmutters have engaged in a hate-mail campaign in an attempt to drive him out of their gated community in Palm Beach, Florida. The Perlmutters' attorney denies his clients sent any letters, and says Peerenboom is trying to extort them. However, the case has been going on for four years, and several judges have found there is enough evidence to go forward. Marvel has already turned over some e-mails, but Peerenboom's attorney contends Perlmutter is saying he has "attorney-client privilege over hundreds of additional responsive emails — even though he claimed to have no control over the Marvel emails in the first place." [The New York Times]

Creators | Writer David Gallaher talks about his near-death experience, his slow recovery, and the moment during that recovery that triggered the idea for his comic, The Only Living Boy. [io9]

Creators | Nate Powell discusses the process of creating the cover for the third volume of March. [Comic Riffs]

Creators | Peter Bagge talks about Hate, his early influences and career, his graphic biography of Margaret Sanger, and his "polarizing" style: "Well, I can draw people and things that look like what I'm drawing while looking at it/them. But that bores me, and I assume it would bore the viewer of the results as well. So I prefer to draw from my mind's eye, and I take my chances from there. I'm almost never happy with the results, though, so I have a hard time arguing with anyone who thinks my art looks awful." [Vice]

Creators | When Alex Kane took a writing workshop a few years ago, two of the instructors, Neil Gaiman and Joe Hill, inspired him to try comics. Now, at 26, he has just completed a successful Kickstarter to fund the publication of his first comic, Asphodel. [Chicago Sun-Times]

Webcomics | Jensiat, an online graphic novel in Farsi, aims to raise awareness of cyber security and gender issues in Iran via the fictional tale of Leila, a businesswoman who returns to Iran after 10 years abroad. [Vice]

Retailing | Joshua Stulman talks about his outdoor comics stand, the Brooklyn Comic Shop, which also has a website. [Fort Greene Focus]

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