Comics A.M. | Malaysian cartoonist claims Facebook blocked cartoon

Censorship | Malaysian cartoonist Zunar claims Facebook removed his latest cartoon, which portrays the wife of the Malaysian prime minister as the head of a bank. Zunar, who is awaiting trial on nine counts of sedition stemming from tweets critical of the government, said the cartoon was "blocked" half an hour after he uploaded it, and subsequent efforts to upload the cartoon failed. Several of his Facebook pages display the text but no image, but the entire cartoon is gone from his main fan page. "It is really funny because normally you can re-upload the image with a different file name," he said. "This seems like a well-executed plan by cybertroopers to block the content." [The Malaysian Insider]

Legal | Sri Lankan police are holding 11 people, most of them current or former soldiers, in connection with the 2010 disappearance of cartoonist and journalist Prageeth Eknaligoda. He had been investigating the alleged use of cluster bombs by the Sri Lankan military under the previous president, Mahinda Rajapakse, in the war against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. Current President Maithripala Sirisena is investigating abuses of power under the previous administration. Four soldiers were arrested in August in connection with the case; they said Eknaligoda was killed and his body dumped at sea. [Reuters]

Creators | Gene Luen Yang talks about finding the tricky balance between educational and entertaining in his new series Secret Coders: "I wanted to see if I could combine an actual narrative with educational content. And I feel a little nervous about 'Secret Coders,' because I'm not positive as to how well it's going to work. The big fear is that the entertainment part will get in the way of the educational part and vice versa." [Palo Alto Weekly]

Creators | Archie Comics creator Dan Parent tests out new Microsoft Surface products in this video. [CNET]

Creators | Olivier Schrauwen discusses his graphic novel Arsène Schrauwen, which he originally intended to be three volumes, not one: "I think it’s more appropriate for this kind of absurd story to read it in small chunks. And in general, when I read a lengthy graphic novel there’s always a point were I start ‘binge-reading.’ At this point I don’t notice the drawings anymore, overlook all details and subtleties and just follow the main plot. I wanted to counteract this. I’ve been told that publishing the book in three parts is unwise from a commercial standpoint, so that’s why I introduced the 'wait three weeks' pages. Those pages seem silly but they’re there to benefit your reading experience." [du9]

Creators | David Tischman discusses his new superhero/fashion webcomic Heroine Chic, which just launched on LINE Webtoon. [Refinery29]

Creators | Longtime colorist Barry Williams and his friend and fellow Austin Peay State University graduate Heather Walker have teamed up to create and self-publish My Name is Proxy. [Clarkesville Online]

Commentary | The Marvel and DC Comics continuity is now so complicated that even longtime reader Bob Temuka, who had the whole thing nailed when he was 10 years old, can't follow it any more — and he spells out the three reasons why it came to this. [Tearoom of Despair]

Studios | Danielle Hess profiles Dojo Studios in Mansfield, Ohio, a workshop where teenagers can learn to make and self-publish their own comics. [Mansfield News Journal]

Conventions | The local TV station discusses the importance of the Lakes Comic Arts Festival to the economy — and self-image — of its host city of Kendal, England. [ITV]

Retailing[ | The Chamber of Comics in Winchester, Massachusetts, is open for business again, thanks to a chance meeting between the former owner and a former customer, who bought his first comic there when he was 8 years old. [Winchester Star]

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