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Comics | Retail news and analysis site ICv2 lists the top 10 comics business events of 2013, from strong sales growth in all three channels (book market, direct market and digital) to issues with sexual content, both Apple's restrictions on in-app purchases and the sentencing of a Missouri man to three years in prison for possession of obscene comics. [ICv2]

Comics | Here's a local-news take on Dark Horse's loss of the Star Wars comics license, in which Publisher Mike Richardson reveals the franchise makes up 4 to 6 percent of the company's bottom line. [KGW]

Comics | Tom Spurgeon talks to writer-about-comics Zainab Akhtar about her own writing and a good handful of other people's graphic novels. [The Comics Reporter]

Creators | Robert Crumb offers his opinion on 21 shapers of our culture. [Open Culture]

Creators | Michael Maslin talks to New Yorker cartoonist Frank Cotham, who sent in a cartoon a week for 15 years before getting one accepted by the magazine; he has been contributing cartoons for the past 20 years. [Inkspill]

Political cartoons | South African cartoonist Zapiro recalls the time President Nelson Mandela called him to discuss his portrayal in a Zapiro cartoon. [The Daily Cartoonist]

Webcomics | Anna Baddely uses the popularity of Allie Brosh's Hyperbole and a Half as an entree to a discussion of print editions of webcomics. [The Guardian]

Conventions | India Comic Con, in its fourth year, is expanding: The New Delhi show will move to a larger venue and use tickets for the first time, and the winners of the cosplay competition will go to New York Comic Con. There will also be comic cons in two more cities this year, bringing the total to six. [Times of India]

Retailing | Business at Olympia Cards and Comics, of Olympia, Washington, is so brisk that owner Gabi Trautmann is expanding the store, first by adding a mezzanine and then by extending the building. [The Olympian]

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