Comics A.M. | Longtime New York cartoonist Al Ross passes away

Passings | Al Ross, the longtime New Yorker cartoonist who had more than 600 gag cartoons published in the magazine, passed away March 22 in the Bronx. He was 100. Ross had his first cartoon published in The New Yorker in 1937. Tom Spurgeon offers an obituary, while The New Yorker cartoon editor Bob Mankoff posts his own tribute. [The New York Times]

Creators | Underground cartoonist S. Clay Wilson underwent surgery last week due to complications from an accumulation of spinal fluid on the brain. According to cartoonist Justin Green, the prognosis is good, "meaning that he can be expected to stay alive without drastic cognitive impairment in the near future." Green also shares details on a trust fund that's been set up for Wilson and his wife Lorraine. Wilson fell and suffered a severe head injury in November of 2008. [Justin Green Cartoon Art] Retailing | The Comic Book Lounge & Gallery has opened in Toronto, spurred by the January closing of Dragon Lady Comics. Torontoist covers its grand opening. [Torontoist]

Retailing | Acme Comics has filed a resolution with the Greensboro, North Carolina, council asking that the city be designated as "Comic Book City, USA" in recognition of Free Comic Book Day. The council is expected to consider the resolution at its April 16 meeting. [News-Record]

Creators | USA Today talks to Derf Backderf about My Friend Dahmer, which recounts his high school acquaintance with the boy who would become a serial killer: "When someone hears the word 'Dahmer,' they think heads in the refrigerator, necrophilia, cannibalism — no thanks. My story is about none of those things. It's the story before the story." The article includes a preview of the book. [USA Today]

Creators | Mike Carey and Peter Gross discuss their work on the Vertigo series The Unwritten. [Multiversity]

Creators | Writer Josh Williamson, who succeeded Ron Marz on DC's Voodoo, hints at his plans for the series. [USA Today]

Creators | Cartoonist Roger Langridge will speak May 26 at a TEDx event in Sydney, Australia. [TEDx]

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