Comics A.M. | Lilli Carre awarded Thurber House residency

Creators | The Columbus Museum of Art and Thurber House have awarded their third annual artist-in-resident position to Lilli Carre creators of Heads or Tails and The Lagoon, among other graphic novels. She will spend three weeks working in the Columbus, Ohio, house where cartoonist James Thurber grew up, and the museum will also exhibit her work and host a talk. [The Columbus Dispatch]

Editorial cartoons | Palestinian cartoonist Majedah Shaheen has apologized for a cartoon depicting Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh telling the Al-Quds Battalions, who are depicted as a dog, to "calm down." After receiving a barrage of threats and complaints on Facebook, Shaheen apologized but added, "My intention was to relay a message in a clear and firm manner. But there are many who prefer to deal with the issue in an artificial manner instead of making an attempt to understand the idea behind it." [Jerusalem Post]

Creators | Critic Douglas Wolk discusses his Judge Dredd miniseries, his first major venture into writing comics as opposed to writing about them. [Forbidden Planet]

Creators | Artist Jean-Michel Rochette talks about Snowpiercer, the story of a train that carries the last remnants of humanity, which is being published in English (and made into a movie) 30 years after its original French debut. [Hero Complex]

Creators | Darryl DMC McDaniels, of Run-D.M.C., was a "mild-mannered Catholic school kid" who loved comics, and his love of superheroes and secret identities resonated when he found out at 35 that he was adopted; now he is making his own graphic novel. [Fuse TV]

Creators | Andrew Jackson Obol tells the story of his journey from a police barracks in Kampala, Uganda, where he grew up, to his current gig as artist-in-residence in the Edmoton, Ontario, comics shop Happy Harbor Comics. [Edmonton Journal]

Creators | Here's a local-boy-made-good piece about Jeff Kline, the writer of Indestructibles, a series about superheroes who are celebrities; the comic is published by Darby Pop, which Kline founded, and distributed by IDW. [Portland Press-Herald]

Critics | Rob Clough talks about his life as a comics reviewer and what he finds interesting these days. [The Schulz Library Blog]

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