Comics A.M. | Lawyer in 'Oatmeal' feud loses another dispute

Legal | The final chapter of The Oatmeal vs. Charles Carreon has been completed (we hope), and it's not a shining moment for Carreon: A judge has ordered him to pay $46,000 in attorney's fees to the creator of a Satirical Charles Carreon website, whom he threatened with legal action. Carreon eventually dropped his suit, but the whole dispute escalated anyway, and the judge cited his "malicious conduct" in awarding the fees. [Ars Technica]

Digital comics | Amazon has quietly launched Kindle Comic Creator, which allows creators to upload various types of files and make them into e-books to be sold in the Kindle store; the software has its own system for creating panel-by-panel view, and the finished product can be read on a wide variety of Kindles and Kindle apps. [Good E-Reader]

Awards | Applications are now being accepted for the International Manga Award, a comics competition initiated by former foreign minister Taro Aso and partly supported by the Japan Foreign Ministry. Joe Kelly's I Kill Giants was one of last year's winners. [Crunchyroll]

Creators | Ben Katchor talks about Hand-Drying in America and his distaste for chain stores and cookie-cutter coffee shops. [The ashington Post]

Creators | Writer Sharon McKay talks about her young-adult graphic novel War Brothers, a semi-fictional tale of teens conscripted into Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army; her research included a trip to Uganda, where she interviewed some of the child soldiers. [The Guardian]

Creators | David Boyd, an assistant professor of media studies at West Virginia State University, has collaborated with his students on Chillers, a horror anthology; they have just published the second volume. [The Williamson Daily News]

Conventions | "I became an illustrator because of events like this," said artist Arvell Jones, one of the exhibitors at last weekend's Flint Comixcon. The one-day event, which is in its fourth year, attracted 35 exhibitors and had, organizers say, more "film elements" than in previous years. [MLive.com]

Comics | Dan Seitz offers some suggestions for finding comics for kids. [Uproxx]

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