Comics A.M. | 'Jupiter's Legacy' debuts to more than 100,000

Comics sales | Is Mark Millar on to something after all? The first issue of Jupiter's Legacy sold more than 105,000 copies to direct market stores in April; the only other Image comic to reach those numbers in recent years is The Walking Dead. ICv2 runs the numbers and also posts the Top 300 comics and graphic novels for April. [ICv2]

Passings | Matt Groening's mother has died at the age of 94. Although she always went by Margaret, Groening borrowed her name for Marge Simpson in his animated series The Simpsons. [Comic Riffs]

Retailing | Amanda Emmert has resigned after nine years as executive director of ComicsPRO, the direct-market trade organization. [ComicsPRO]

Publishing | IDW Publishing has hired former DC Comics and WildStorm assistant editor Sarah Gaydos as an editor. [IDW Publishing]

Graphic novels | Daryl Meador looks at Palestine Through Graphics, a program in which Palestinian youth learn to draw graphic novels about their lives: "The magic of the drawings are in the subtle details that humanize the story. Abu Rob draws himself wearing his favorite football player’s jersey as he is arrested by Israeli forces. Later, in prison, he depicts himself walking through the complex in front of painted images of Handala — the assassinated cartoonist Naji al-Ali’s populist character which symbolizes the Palestinian refugees’ struggle — on the wall." [The Electronic Intifada]

Creators | Writer James Asmus talks about his plans for the latest Valiant relaunch, Quantum & Woody. [Comic Vine]

Creators | You know how they say cats have nine lives? Writer Rob Worley takes that literally in his all-ages comic Scratch9, about a cat who has an encounter with a mad scientist and ends up meeting his eight other incarnations. Worley has moved his comic to Hermes Press, and the first issue will feature art by Shannon Eric Denton and Canaan Grall, among others. [The 'PREVIEWS' Party]

Creators | Chris Charlton, former lead singer of the indie band The Host, has taken the path of so many other musicians and gone into comics, writing his own comics and forming a publishing company to publish them. [City Beat]

Manga | Ryan Holmberg continues his series on alternative manga with an interview with Bharath Murthy about manga in India. [The Comics Journal]

Conventions | Jim Mroczkowski ticks off the questions he finds most irritating in convention panels and then pauses to reflect on the sorts of questions he would like to hear. [iFanboy]

Reviewing | Johanna Draper Carlson ponders a question that vexes many a writer: Should you review a book you don't like? Her commenters weigh in as well. [Comics Worth Reading]

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