Comics A.M. | Jules Feiffer honored; ToonSeum begins cleanup

Awards | Chicago's Columbia College has announced it will bestow the 2012 John Fischetti Lifetime Achievement Award on Jules Feiffer. What is it? "The Fischetti Lifetime Achievement Award honors an outstanding career of editorial cartooning, work skewering cultural mores, misguided public policies and self-important people." [The Daily Cartoonist]

Comics | As workers begin cleaning up the mess left by a flooded warehouse full of comics, officials at Pittsburgh's ToonSeum are appealing to the public for donations to help replace the lost works. [Post-Gazette]

Creators | Gerry Alanguilan posts his rejection letters from Marvel and DC Comics from the days when, as a young artist, he sent in samples of his work. He also tells the story of how he blew his first big chance, which should prove inspirational to others in the same boat. [Komikero]

Creators | Landry Walker and Eric Jones discuss Danger Club, their "Lord of the Flies with superpowered kids" comic coming from Image. [USA Today]

Creators | YA novelist Scott Westerfeld talks about writing for teens, his love of manga, and the process of creating Uglies: Shay's Story, his first graphic novel, which is set in the universe of his Uglies prose novels. Toward the end of the interview he drops a tantalizing bit of information: "I’m also working on an original story in graphic form, but that’s all still secret." [Suvudu]

Creators | To mark the 50th anniversary of Spider-Man, Darwyn Cooke talks about the first Spider-Man comic he ever read, 1973's The Amazing Spider-Man King Size Special #9. [Hero Complex]

Creators | The New Paltz, New York, paper has a brief interview with 85-year-old artist Ramona Fradon, who went from comics like Metamorpho and Aquaman to illustrating Brenda Starr: Reporter—and endured a bit of cattiness from that strip's creator, Dale Messick. [Times-Record]

Comics | Richard Bruton takes a look at John A. Short and Vince Danks's revival of The Clock, a pulp-era hero who has fallen into the public domain; the black-and-white comic stays faithful to the mood of the original and its times. What does the name mean? "They call him The Clock... Cuz he comes a'callin... when it's yer time..." [Forbidden Planet Blog]

Comics | Chris Sims takes a look at the UK children's comic The Phoenix, which is packed with quirky comics by talented artists—but unfortunately isn't available in the U.S. [Comics Alliance]

Comics | Alex Zalben pens a smart, snarky guide to the comics-impaired, with notes on collecting, Nazi bees, and who is reading comics these days. [Mancave Daily]

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