Comics A.M. | JMS on 'Ten Grand' and the return of Joe's Comics

Publishing | J. Michael Straczynski discusses the revival of Joe's Comics, which returns in May with the Image Comics release of Ten Grand, illustrated by Ben Templesmith. Top Cow was home to the imprint from 1999 to 2004, publishing such series as Delicate Creatures, Midnight Nation and Rising Stars. A preview of Ten Grant will be available in April at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo. [MTV Geek]

Creators | Ryan North, creator of Dinosaur Comics and the writer for the Adventure Time comic, talks about his work habits. [Lifehacker]

Creators | Penny Arcade co-creator Mike Krahulik talks about Strip Search, the reality TV-style webseries they will launch on Friday. [IGN]

Creators | Louisiana State University senior Taylor Wells is profiled for her work as a coloring assistant on Chew. [The Daily Reveille]

Awards | The MoCCA Festival has announced its Awards of Excellence. The jury, which includes Karen Berger, Gary Groth, Nora Krug, David Mazzucchelli and Paul Pope, will walk the show, select the best works, and decide on a final list of six to receive the awards. [The Beat]

Retailing | Zeus Comics owner Richard Neal discusses his decision not to carry Orson Scott Card's Superman comic, and the reaction it has received from his own customers and the outside world: "If it’s ‘censorship,’ then I ‘censor’ several hundred things every single month when I order [books for the store] from Previews. I censor things when I decide not to stock Pez. I censor things when I decide not to stock a publisher whose quality of comic books is poor, who doesn’t sell in the store. I mean, censorship is a very intentional word that [critics] are trying to apply to one thing, when technically it could apply to any of my actions. I put stuff in the store that I know is going to sell. That’s what I stock. And Orson Scott Card has become so toxic that his comic book would not sell at Zeus." [The Mary Sue]

Retailing | Benjamin Woodard checks out three Chicago comics shops that are in close proximity to one another but don't seem to have any problem with that. [DNAinfo]

Comics | Archie Comics Co-CEO Nancy Silberkleit discusses her nonprofit group Rise Above Social Issues, which produces comics designed to help kids deal with bullying and other problems. [Fast Company]

Criticism | Writer Robert Jones, Jr., explains why he quit reading comics — because of the overpowering atmosphere of straight-white-male privilege: "I’m plum tuckered out. I don’t have the energy to fight anymore. I say if they like the comic book industry and its product just the way they are, faults and all, let them have it. As long as I don’t ever have to read a misogynist Wonder Woman story or a racist Spider-Man story or a Superman story told by a homophobic extremist ever again, it’s all good. There are better products to spend my money on. That the mainstream comic book industry doesn’t want my money for fear of alienating their core audience of bubble blowers is the fault of their bad business model, not mine. " [The Hooded Utilitarian]

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