Comics A.M. | J.K. Woodward reflects on wrath of Hurricane Sandy

Creators | Artist J.K. Woodward (Fallen Angel, Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who) recounts how he and his wife lost everything but their cat and the clothes they were wearing during Hurricane Sandy -- and how what happened afterward changed his perspective: "“When things are going right, you really don't know what kind of world you're living in. You tend to be cynical. But there has been such an outpouring of support not just here but from the comics community — we did a podcast interview, for example, and I mentioned how we had to go to the laundromat every day because of our clothing situation. As a result of that, two days later I went to my studio was packed full of care packages with toiletries and other necessities. It showed that what should have been a real tragedy turned into a blessing. It gave me a much more positive outlook.” [The Conway Daily Sun]

Legal | Jeff Trexler argues that a lawsuit isn't the best way to get justice, and that a lot of misery could have been avoided if DC Comic had simply apologized to Joanne Siegel for its treatment of her husband, Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel. [The Beat]

Publishing | First Second editor Calista Brill talks about the nuts and bolts of her job as a graphic novel editor, as well as her essay "When to Give Up," which caused quite a bit of discussion last week. [The Comics Reporter]

Publishing | Valiant Entertainment Executive Editor Warren Simons talks to Charles Webb about what to expect in the coming year. [MTV Geek]

Best of the year | Erik Henriksen puts a twist on the usual best-of-the-year list by predicting the best comics of 2013. [Wired]

Creators | "There's no better place to set a noir story than Los Angeles," says writer Sam Humphries of his newly launched Uncanny X-Force. "I see noir in the context of Uncanny X-Force as about characters who have a secret. Characters who are together, they’re in the same room, they may be allies, they may be pledged to each other, they may be on the same team, but they don’t necessarily, in their heads, they’re not necessarily thinking about the team first." [KPCC]

Creators | Tom Taylor talks about writing Injustice: Gods Among Us as a digital-first comic and how he tied it in to the video game. [PreviewsWorld]

Comics | Nathan Harmon looks at relationships in The Walking Dead and the lengths the characters will go to to avoid being alone. [Sequart]

Piracy | It's not specifically about comics, but Juli Monroe's column on why people pirate e-books has some interesting insights, and there's more in the comments section. [TeleRead]

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