Comics A.M. | Is the world's oldest comic book from Scotland?

History | Scholars will present their research this week on The Glasgow Looking Glass, which is believed to be the very first comic book, at the International Graphic Novel and International Bande Dessinee Society Joint Conference in Glasgow Published in 1825, the work is a satire of early 19th-century Scottish fashions and politics. [ITV]

Retailing | Aaron Muncy, owner of The Comic Shop in Decatur, Alabama, is matter-of-fact about his business: There isn't much of a kids' market, he says, and he has no time for collectible comics: "Since it's worth so much money -- it's just straight to eBay and get rid of it. I'll leave it in the store for a week or two if I pick it up, just to give my customers a chance but it's worth too much money to have sitting around." [WAFF]

Retailing | Seven New York-area comics retailers explain how they got into the business. [Parallel Worlds]

Awards | Larry Cruz predicts which digital comic is most likely to take the Eisner this year — and which one he thinks should win. [The Webcomic Overlook]

Creators | Half of DC's first Australian creator team, writer Tom Taylor, talks about joining artist Nicola Scott to work on Earth 2 as well as his work on the bestselling digital-first comic Injustice: Gods Among Us. "Nicola is a very good friend, and for Australia to be handed our own place in the DC universe, and our own planet to play with, is a huge honor," Taylor says. "I have to try not to break it." [The Sydney Morning Herald]

Creators | On a visit to Santa Maria, California, to promote a concert to benefit military personnel, Stan Lee talks about his favorite character (Spider-Man), the treatment of his characters in the movies, and his formula for a successful superhero: "You have to care about the hero and you have to feel whatever he does is logical and in character for whatever his character is. You have to be interested in his or her personal life and the way they react to it." [Lompoc Record]

Creators | Rick Bentley chats with Neal Adams, the star attraction at the Big Wow Comic Fest. [Fresno Bee]

Creators | Back in his hometown of Rapid City, South Dakota, for the South Dakota Anime Convention, Tom Rasch talks about his series Black Alpha: "What if you took the Batman story, gave it a little bit of tech from Iron Man and dropped it in the middle of the Star Wars series?" [Rapid City Journal]

Comics | Jonathan H. Liu continues his series on "Serious Comics" with a generous handful of memoirs that are worth a read. [GeekDad]

Education | Lauren Rapciak pays a visit to Chicago's International School of Comics, the U.S. branch of a school that already has nine locations in Italy. [Geek Girl Chicago]

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