Comics A.M. | Is the world ready for a cosplay invasion?

Cosplay | The Christian Science Monitor looks at how cosplay is spilling out of comics and sci-fi/fantasy conventions and into "daily life," such as movie theaters, pubs and public squares: "The spread of cosplay owes a lot to the Internet. Social media sites build buzz around the next big cosplay event. Tumblr and Instagram allow strangers to pass around photos of past work and offer words of encouragement from afar. YouTube videos reveal how to craft foam core into realistic-looking armor and braid hair like an elf." [The Christian Science Monitor]

Publishing | On the 15th anniversary of the founding of IDW Publishing, founder and CEO Ted Adams talks about the publisher's approach to licensed and original properties. [IGN]

Publishing | Dynamite Entertainment CEO Nick Barrucci is bullish on the comics industry right now, and he explains why in detail, with an extended metaphor about how comics are like the movie and TV industry, and are adapting well to a changing marketplace. [ICv2]

Creators | Emma Courtland interviews Jaime Hernandez as one of the LA Weekly's People 2014 special issue. [LA Weekly]

Creators | Tom Spurgeon's interviews Box Brown about his new graphic novel, Andre the Giant, and his work as publisher of Retrofit Comics. [The Comics Reporter]

Creators | Here's a video of P. Craig Russell showing off the art for his adaptation of Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book. [The Escapist]

Creators | Batton Lash discusses the latest Supernatural Law Kicstarter. [Comics Worth Reading]

Creators | Writer Nick Mamatas talks about his work on the original graphic novel of All You Need Is Kill, based on a light novel (and also was made into a manga in Japan). The original novel is the basis for the Tom Cruise movie Edge of Tomorrow: "We wanted something that would be experienced differently, both visually and textually. That's why we went with Lee Ferguson's wonderful retrofuturistic look, as opposed to the gritty-realistic near-future look of the film. It's also why we held close to the novel, including the idea of a rivalrous cooperation between Japan and the U.S. We wanted to present a visual representation of the novel, and not step on any Hollywood toes." [ICv2]

Creators | Sajjive Balakrishnan, who calls himself a "fat and fast artist" (he set a record for the number of full-body caricatures drawn in 12 hours), will sketch the patients at the Ernakulam Government General Hospital in Ernakulam, India, as part of the Kochi Bienniale Foundation's Arts and Medicine Project. [The New Indian Express]

Awards | The 42nd Japan Cartoonist Awards have been announced, and the grand prize goes to Mayumi Muroyama's Asari-Chan, a gag comic that has run to 100 volumes. The judges called Asari-Chan an inspiration to other cartoonists, in a field where it is not easy to keep a gag manga running for such a long stretch. The Award of Excellence went to Motoka Murakami for Fuichin Tsaichen!, the story of a woman who becomes a manga-ka in the years before World War II. [Anime News Network]

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