Comics A.M. | Investor group buys majority stake in Crunchyroll

Digital comics | The Chernin Group, headed by former News Corp Chief Operating Officer Peter Chernin, has acquired a controlling stake in Crunchyroll, the streaming anime site that just launched a digital comics service. [All Things D]

Digital comics | Rob McMonigal takes a look at Believed Behavior, a website where subscribers can read comics by five different creators for $8 (there's a free component as well) and then get them in print form. [Panel Patter]

Manga | Dark Horse announced Tuesday that there are 750,000 copies of the various volumes of Berserk in print; that number is about to increase, as the publisher is about to release new printings of the volumes that are low in stock, which is pretty much all of them. Volume 37 is due out later this month. [Anime News Network]

Kickstarter | Hope Nicholson and Rachel Richey talk about their newly funded Kickstarter campaign to publish a complete edition of Nelvana of the Northern Lights, a Canadian superhero comic that ran from 1941 to 1947 and has never been reprinted. The comic was created by Andrew Dingle at a time when the Canadian government had banned the import of luxury goods (which apparently included comics) and the locals had to grow their own. Nelvana, who predates Wonder Woman, was an Inuit superheroine who apparently was based on a real person, according to Nicholson and Richey's research. [Women Write About Comics]

Creators | In a brief interview, Peter Bagge discusses why he's interested in Margaret Sanger, the subject of his latest graphic novel, and why he is working in the graphic novel format rather than monthly comics. [Portland Mercury]

Creators | Raighne Hogan talks to Rob Kirby about the anthology QU33R, which he edited. [2dcloud]

Comics | A group of teenagers from Carrboro and Chapel Hill, North Carolina, are working with a visual artist and a writer to create comics based on their own experiences with racism. [The Herald Sun]

Comics | Ng Suat Tong looks at a terrific sci-fi action comic that ran in a surprising place: The Trigan Empire, which was found in the pages of the educational U.K. comic Look and Learn, alongside earnest little comics about history, science and ballet. [The Hooded Utilitarian]

Criticism | Frank Santoro and Sean T. Collins have a lengthy conversation bemoaning the current state of comics criticism. [The Comics Journal]

Retailing | Amazing Fantasy Comics is moving from Calumet City, Illinois, to Crown Point, Indiana. The stated reason is that the new location is nicer, but manager Dave Ulanski also says Calumet City officials haven't shown any interest in working with small businesses. [NWI Times]

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