Comics A.M. | Inkwell voting opens; comics' 'gay agenda'?

Awards | Online voting is open through April 30 for the sixth annual Inkwell Awards, which recognize excellence in comic-book inking. The winners will be announced during a ceremony at HeroesCon, held June 7-9 in Charlotte, North Carolina. [Inkwell Awards]

Comics | On the website of the conservative Media Research Center, Kristine Marsh and Matt Philbin accuse DC Comics and Marvel of having a "homosexual agenda": "Like the rest of American pop culture, comic books have increasingly included pro-gay propaganda pieces aimed at the children and young adults who read them." [Media Research Center]

Creators | Alex DeCampi talks about her Kickstarter-funded comic Ashes, which will be published in a softcover edition by Dark Horse (backers get a hardcover), as well as how she handled the art for the comic after her public split with the original artist, James Hodgkins. [Comics Alliance]

Creators | Alex Dueben talks to writer Ann Nocenti about Katana, Catwoman, and the violence in her comics: "I think my work in comics is one long, ever-shifting treatise on violence, especially my run on Daredevil. The superhero genre itself is about having conflicts escalate into violence. You can do an issue here and there with conflict resolution that is non-violent, but mostly the fun is how the action plays out. [Suicide Girls]

Creators | I interviewed Tania Del Rio, who wrote and (mostly) drew the manga-style version of Sabrina the Teenage Witch for Archie Comics; Archie is now re-releasing the Sabrina stories in a black-and-white manga-style graphic novel format. [MTV Geek]

Comics | British critic Paul Gravett rounds up some comics depictions of the late Margaret Thatcher. [Paul Gravett]

Comics | Shannon O'Leary looks at the success of a couple of children's comics, including My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Adventure Time. The first issue of My Little Pony has sold more than 100,000 copies, and Adventure Time regularly moves 20,000 copies per month. [Publishers Weekly]

Conventions | Fans old and young came to the Janesville, Wisconsin, Comic Book Convention this past week; while it is always a delight to read about teenage comics fans, it's a bit depressing that the "fake geek girl" mentality has filtered down to high school. [The Janesville Gazette]

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