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Digital comics | George Gene Gustines takes a quick trip through the landscape of digital comics, dropping in on Mark Waid, comiXology's David Steinberger and Marvel's Avengers vs. X-Men Infinite Comic. Much of this is familiar territory to regular readers of this blog, but hey, it's The New York Times noticing digital comics! [The New York Times]

Digital comics | FreakAngels writer Warren Ellis looks at three recent digital comics, noting how they all limit themselves to "two-tier storytelling": "Accepting and exploiting new limitations is always part of a new format. These three projects, though, can’t produce even a full-page spread without some serious scheming and dancing." [Warren Ellis]

Digital comics | Dave Sim launched a Kickstarter to produce a digital edition of his 6,000-page comic Cerebus. He started with a modest goal of $6,000 to just do High Society, but donations hit that mark in a matter of hours. The digital comics will include all sorts of extras, including covers, essays, and audio of Sim reading the comics aloud. [ComicsAlliance]

Creators | Deb Aoki talks to Empowered creator Adam Warren about his strong women characters, his upcoming books, and his epiphany upon discovering anime and manga: "Most of the comics work I've drawn before encountering anime and manga were glum, deadly serious fantasy or sci-fi epics, dwelling on manly-men protagonists and their heroic sacrifices. Dirty Pair and Urusei Yatsura showed me a better alternative: that of funny, fast-paced, lively stories with strong, highly entertaining female characters." [About.com]

Creators | Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray guest on the latest comiXologist podcast to talk about Ame-Comi Girls, All-Star Western, "Night of the Owls" and plenty more. [ComiXology Blog]

Creators | Writer Dara Naraghi posts his pitch to IDW Publishing for a Ghostbusters one-shot and discusses how it went from pitch to finished comic. [Dara Naraghi]

Conventions | Love and Capes creator Thom Zahler has an amiable writeup of his experiences at Houston's Comicpalooza! festival. [The Thom Zahler Weblog]

Conventions | Dore Ripley reports in from San Jose's Big Wow ComicFest. [Graphic Novel Reporter]

Conventions | Stan Lee will be a guest at this year's Baltimore Comic Con, along with a host of other creators; as Johanna Draper Carlson observes, "For the old-school fan, this is a must-see show." [Comics Worth Reading]

Retailers | Effin Comics owner and creator Thomas Leavy is profiled. [Delaware County News Network]

Commentary | John Parker takes a look at "the unofficial Bible of comics activism, Brian Wood's Channel Zero. [ComicsAlliance]

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