Comics A.M. | In San Diego, 'comics had a great convention'

Conventions | Image Comics content manager David Brothers explains why this year's Comic-Con International was a great convention, pointing out that there's a lot more to the event than movies and television, and there's a lot more to comics than the Big Two: "Marvel and DC are comics, just like the other publishers, and they make some great ones when they let the creators do their own thing. But at this point? You can't treat them like the entirety of the comics industry, or even two companies that can dictate the future of comics. They run the movies, and that's cool, but running comics? It's just not true any more. Image in particular outsells Marvel in the book market as far as trade paperbacks go, and that holds true in the comics market lately, too. That's no coincidence. People enjoy Marvel and DC, but they want more than Marvel and DC." [io9.com]

Publishing | An alert ICv2 reporter spotted police talking with Archie Comics Co-CEO Nancy Silberkleit on Thursday at the publisher's booth at Comic-Con International, apparently trying to convince her to leave. A witness at a nearby booth told the reporter Silberkleit was eventually escorted out by police. Archie Comics wouldn't comment on the matter. To call Silberkleit's relationship with Archie contentious would be an understatement: She reached a confidential settlement in 2012 that allowed her to return to the company after a bizarre legal battle with Co-CEO Jon Goldwater over accusations she had bullied and sexually harassed employees. Silberkleit later sued a former friend who served as her liaison to Archie following the settlement, claiming he sexually harassed her, before she was sued by six company employees who accused her of "destructive, dangerous and at times deranged behavior." [ICv2]

Digital comics | Jason Snell looks at how the digital-comics scene has changed in the past five years, as digital comics have become mainstream. He talks with comiXology CEO David Steinberger about what has been going on with the company, which dropped in-app purchases from its iOS apps after being acquired by Amazon. [Macworld]

Comics | The A.V. Club assembles a panel of experts — journalist and former DC editor Janelle Asselin, Watson & Holmes writer and former Marvel editor Karl Bollers, and Ms. Marvel writer G. Willow Wilson — to discuss diversity in comics. [The A.V. Club]

Creators | Steve Morris interviews the Rocket Girl team of Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare. [The Spire]

Creators | Former Daredevil artist Paolo Rivera discusses drawing comics and his return to monthly work with The Valiant. [Hero Complex]

Creators | Chip Kidd talks about his cover for Detective Comics #27, his book Batman: Death By Design, and lots more Batman. [The Kindle Post]

Creators | KLAS-TV Las Vegas profiles A Voice in the Dark creator Larime Taylor, who draws with his mouth, turning out one to two comics pages a day. [KLAS-TV]

Digital comics | Jeffrey Wilson reviews Dark Horse's Android app. [PC Magazine]

Fandom | Papri Das checks in on the anime and manga scene in Chennai, India. [Deccan Chronicle]

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