Comics A.M. | In fight for shelf space, DC edges out Marvel

Publishing | Along with the usual statistics -- dollar and unit share, sales rankings, etc. -- Diamond Comics Distributors this month began reporting the number of new titles shipped by the top publishers: DC Comics, which edged out Marvel in terms of market share in July, had only a handful more, with 121 comics and graphic novels versus Marvel's 118. [ICv2]

Conventions | Sean Kleefeld gives a brief account of a number of panels he attended at Wizard World Chicago, including the "Batman & Psychology" panel and two by webcomics maven Brad Guigar. [Kleefeld on Comics]

Creators | Avengers writer Jonathan Hickman talks about the upcoming six-issue event series Infinity. [USA Today]

Creators | Raina Telgemeier explains how she creates a graphic novel, from initial idea to finished copies, using her most recent book, Drama, as an example. [Go Raina!]

Creators | Whitney Matheson talks to Anders Holm (writer and star of Workaholics) and John Lawlor about their graphic novel Echo Island, which is based on the scary stories they heard — and later told — at a Michigan summer camp. [USA Today]

Creators | Kimball Anderson makes comics about fighting an unusual enemy: agoraphobia. The 25-year-old artist suffers from the condition himself — "I was scared to go out the door," he says — and his comics express a daily struggle to move beyond it, literally and figuratively. [CNET]

Creators | Several Australian creators, all featured in the documentary Comic Book Heroes, talk about the challenges and difficulties of making a living in the Australian comics industry. [The Border Mail]

Comics | In an interview done at Comic Con in Dubai earlier this year, Archie Comics Co-CEO Nancy Silberkleit talks about the educational potential of comics. In addition to her work with Archie, she is raising money to produce comics on a number of themes such as bullying and autism through her own nonprofit, the Rise Above Social Issues Foundation. [The National]

Retailing | Florida retailer Tate's Comics is opening a new location in Boynton Beach, and owner Tate Ottati says he hopes to expand to Miami as well. The article is worth checking out just for Ottati's account of how he got started in the business as a teenager, going to conventions and buying Marvel stock. [Broward/Palm Beach New Times]

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