Comics A.M. | Image, manga dominate July bookstore sales chart

Graphic novels | ICv2 has the July BookScan numbers, and six of the Top 10 titles are from Image Comics (four Walking Dead, plus both volumes of Saga). The latest volume of Sailor Moon tops the list, and the first volume of Attack on Titan shows up at No. 12, which is pretty good for a book that came out more than a year ago. The only DC Comics or Marvel titles to crack the Top 20 were Hawkeye, Vol. 2 (No. 18) and perennial bestseller Watchmen (No. 19). [ICv2]

Conventions | Fans are gearing up for next month's Salt Lake Comic Con (which another article estimates will attract more than 25,000 attendees), but the announcement that professional cosplayer Jessica Nigri will be there has caused a minor controversy. [The Salt Lake Tribune]

Creators | Newfoundland creator Joseph Hewett, who has been living and working in South Korea, returns home for a convention and says the two places have a lot in common. [The Western Star]

Creators | Paul Tumey posts the second part of his look at the lesser-known comics of Jack Cole. [The Comics Journal]

Comics | A few weeks ago, we linked to Jonathan Liu's post at GeekDad about why he was limiting his daughter's comics reading to one day a week. The Good Comics for Kids bloggers, a group of school and public librarians, writers, and parents, discussed Liu's post, and the place of comics in a world where children will soon be tested on the Common Core standards, in a lively roundtable. [Good Comics for Kids]

Manga | Attack on Titan has been a huge hit in Japan as well as the U.S., and the editors of the magazine where it appears, Kodansha's Monthly Shōnen Sirius, have just announced a second series set in the same world. [Anime News Network]

Commentary | Poetry and comics may have a lot in common, but Noah Berlatsky warns against comics becoming as insular as poetry has (not that there's too much danger of that). [The Atlantic]

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