Comics A.M. | ICv2 conference returns to San Diego; surviving CCI

Comic-Con | ICv2 will host a Comics, Media, and Digital Conference on July 20, the afternoon before Comic-Con International kicks off in San Diego. The event will include panels on digital comics, comics in Hollywood and "Comics, Paper and Digital at Comic-Con 2013." [press release]

Comic-Con | Comic-Con International has released the floor map for this year's show. Heidi MacDonald helps translate it. [Comic-Con International]

Comic-Con | With just 14 until the big event, Acquanetta Ferguson offers 18 tips to surviving your first Comic-Con, while Liz Ohanesian talks with Doug Kline, author of The Unauthorized San Diego Comic-Con Survival Guide. [Examiner, LA Weekly]

Creators | Sean Witzke talks with King City creator Brandon Graham about world-building, collaborating with other writers or artists, porn and his approach to storytelling: "I’m really into the idea of conveying a story clearly enough for the reader to get all the basics while at the same time having enough information going on where you don’t necessarily get it all or even miss something on the first read through. I think it’s something that came from me reading a lot of European and Japanese comics growing up and just not always getting everything, culturally or just because of weird translations. I like that nice mystery. And there’s the idea that when a story doesn’t give you everything it forces the reader to think a little more. Turns them from being a passive reader to an active one. I think that would be my ideal destination, some kind of clear and simple with a background of complexity." [supervillain]

Publishing | Following up his accounts of how ROM, Transformers and Dazzler came to Marvel, former Editor-in-Chief Jim Shooter recounts how the company began working with Hasbro on G.I. Joe in the early 1980s. [Jim Shooter]

Publishing | The Associated Press talks to BOOM! Marketing Director Chip Mosher about the Elric minisite the publisher launched this week. [Associated Press]

Publishing | J. Caleb Mozzocco has read DC's FAQ on their relaunch and he has some follow-up questions. [Every Day Is Like Wednesday]

Publishing | Brian Heater continues his multi-part interview with Mome editor Eric Reynolds. [The Daily Cross Hatch]

Creators | Webcomic writer and commentator T Campbell is the guest on the latest Webcomic Beacon podcast. [The Webcomic Beacon]

Comics | Ben Morse discusses event comics and how they can end. [The Cool Kids Table]

Comics | In his manga nostalgia column House of 1000 Manga, Jason Thompson takes a fond look at Wild 7, a children's manga about a gang of rogue motorcycle cops chasing bad guys: "It's one of the most violent children's manga imaginable, a manga that feels like someone shouting at readers 'Hey! Manga aren't just for kids anymore!' before pistol-whipping them in the face." [Anime News Network]

Comics | Patton Oswalt dusts off some rejected Batman pitches. The "Arkham's Arsenal one sounds kind of cool. [Patton Oswalt, via Ferret Press]

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