Comics A.M. | How to enjoy Comic-Con without a badge

Conventions | There's still plenty to do in San Diego this week, even if you don't have a Comic-Con badge. A local news station runs down the options, from events that anyone can enjoy with minimal effort to the hard-core nerd stuff. [KPBS]

Political cartoons | The cartoonist Faro, who's from Nice, pens an anguished explanation of why he will not do cartoon memes about tragedies any more: "At a certain point, one must know when to stop, and I am not convinced that my fellow citizens — yes I am both a press cartoonist and from Nice — have the heart to appreciate these digital or paper mournings one more time. And I am not speaking of those who take a risk in trying to find humor in a similar situation. I have a hard time understanding the practice of producing the official logo of carnage and then seeking to pass it on in posterity while these innocents pass over to the other side." [The Huffington Post]

Creators | Sarah Horrocks talks about how she started making comics during a difficult time in her life, and teaching herself to draw while working the late night-shift at a hotel. [Superficial Gallery]

Creators | Julia Gfrörer discusses her comics and tattoo designs, the timelessness of her work, and her social media handle, among other things. [The Le Sigh]

Creators | Costa Rican cartoonist Luis Demetrio Calvo, aka Mecho, discusses his life and work as a political cartoonist: "There haven’t been problems, although I have received comments from people who don’t like the way the way I draw them, things like that. Mostly, though, for a political ego, for them it represents a certain status to be drawn. So the critique can become like flattery to them, when I’m actually criticizing their actions or words." [Tico Times]

Graphic novels | Graphic novel expert Paul Gravett has a roundup of the most promising titles coming out this September. As this is a British list, the release dates may be different from North American publishing schedules. [Paul Gravett]

Comics | The latest superhero from Marvel Custom Solutions, which creates Marvel-style comics ads, is Samarium, who is fighting the good fight against inflammatory bowel disease on behalf of Takeda Pharmeceuticals. A whole series of stories is planned, and every time someone reads the comic, Takeda will donate $1 to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. [Fierce Pharma]

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