Comics A.M. | Heavy rains damage comics at Pittsburgh's ToonSeum

Comics | Heavy rains and a leaky roof led to the loss of between $20,000 and $25,000 worth of comics and books that Pittsburgh's ToonSeum was storing temporarily in a warehouse. "I guess the best way to put it, the warehouse was where we kept things that did not individually have high value, but put together [were] worth a large amount," said Executive director Joe Wos, who believes that most of the material can be replaced eventually. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

Publishing | The digital comics distributor comiXology has hired Marc Goldberg as its chief technology officer. Goldberg formerly served as CTO for the Viacom-owned "multiplatform premium entertainment channel" EPIX. [comiXology Blog]

Creators | The Comics Journal re-posts a 1999 interview with Golden Age artist Sheldon Moldoff, who passed away last week at the age of 92. [The Comics Journal]

Creators | Acme Novelty Library creator Chris Ware discusses his work with Christopher Irving, while Seth Kushner photographs the artist looking whimsical. [Graphic NYC]

Creators | Writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Nick Pitarra discuss their alternate history of the making of the atom bomb (and some side jobs), The Manhattan Projects. "Our Einstein has his classic white hair and mustache, Gen. Groves is less doughy than history might remember, and, of course, Wernher von Braun has a giant robot arm," says Pitarra. [USA Today, Underwire]

Creators | The local paper profiles Andre Szymanowicz, the artist of Hell Yeah, who has yet to quit his day job. "'I have almost given up on this drawing comics thing many times throughout the years,' Szymanowicz said. 'There is a probably a moment every week when I think, "What if I walked away"’ The truth is, it just keeps gnawing at me and pulling me back. Eventually, you come to the realization that if you aren't going to get rid of that feeling, you may as well go for it with all you have.” [Daily Record]

Creators | Robert Venditti talks about the relaunch of the Valiant universe and the possibilities it opens up: "The core conflict driving the character is just so unique. Aric of Dacia is a 5th Century Visigoth who’s abducted by aliens, enslaved aboard their ship, and then escapes with the aliens’ most powerful weapon. When he returns to Earth, he discovers that sixteen centuries have passed in his absence. So he’s the world’s most primitive man, wielding the universe’s most advanced technology. It’s a wonderful setup for telling entertaining, thought provoking stories." [Previews]

Culture | Are your friends sending you secret messages through Facebook comics? Would you recognize Chubby Bubbles Girl, Approve Guy, or Yao Ming Face if you saw them? Help is here for the clueless, with a handy quick guide to internet comics memes (with links for further reading). [The Bangkok Post]

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