Comics A.M. | Greenberg plans 'sort-of' sequel to 'Early Earth'

Creators | Isabel Greenberg has announced she's working on a "sort-of" sequel to The Encyclopedia of Early Earth, her British Comic Award-winning debut graphic novel. She also posted her new comic Dreadful Wind and Rain, which is being published as a limited edition by Gosh! Comics, and will be included in her follow-up to Early Earth. [Isabel Greenberg, via Digital Spy]

Manga | Yen Press associate editor and letterer Abigail Blackman talks about her job: "I see that the editor has a twofold obligation – to the original creator and to the reader. I think everyone in the process has to be most careful of not imposing his or her own sensibilities onto the material. I and Yen feel very strongly about preserving the meaning and intent of the original and making sure it translates clearly to the reader. It’s so easy for a rewriter to get carried away with his or her own voice, or for a letterer to get too cutesy with the fonts and placing emphasis." [Organization Anti-Social Geniuses]

Comics | 2000AD will celebrate the 65th anniversary of the British sci-fi superhero Dan Dare by reprinting some vintage strips for the first time, giving us a chance to see what the future looked like in the 1970s. [The Guardian]

Creators | Green Lantern Corps artist Bernard Chang discusses collaborating with writer Van Jensen and drawing the New 52's version of the New Gods. [Comicosity]

Creators | Cameron Stewart is interviewed in a video recorded at the Lucca Comics & Games festival. [Forbidden Planet International Blog]

Creators | The Comics Journal unearths a previously unpublished 1998 interview with the late Spain Rodriguez. [The Comics Journal]

Creators | Underground comics artist Mary Fleener is the guest on what sounds like a lively edition of the Virtual Memories podcast; Matt Groening, Zora Neale Huston and King Tut all get mentions in the blurb. [Virtual Memories]

Manga | Because manga series often run for many years, the look of the characters often evolves over time. Brian Ashcraft shows some examples of this, putting early and later incarnations of the same character side by side. [Kotaku]

Minicomics | Robert Boyd posts short reviews of a fistful of minicomics he picked up at Comic Arts Brooklyn. [The Great God Pan Is Dead]

Books | Ben Towle (Oyster Wars) reviews a wide array of books about comics, including Dan Mazur and Alexander Danner's Comics: A Global History, 1968 to the Present, Jamie Lynn Lano's The Princess of Tennis: The True Story of Working as a Mangaka’s Assistant in Japan, and Brian Michael Bendis's how-to book. [Benzilla]

Conventions | Alexa Solis reports on Reno's first Wizard World Comic Con, where the guests included William Shatner, Lou Ferrigno and comics artist Michael Golden. [The Nevada Sagebrush]

Retailing | Hartlepool, England, has a new comics store that specializes in American superhero titles. Co-owner Kelvin Allison says it's unique to the area: "The comics have a lot of interest, but people normally have to buy them online so we’re hoping people will come down and see what we have on offer." [Hartlepool Mail]

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