Comics A.M. | Green Lantern light-up displays pose fire hazard

Retailing | DC Comics has advised retailers to immediately unplug the $150 Green Lantern Animated Light Up Display after one of the signs caused a small electrical fire Saturday at Rick's Comic City in Nashville. Other retailers have reported the smell of burning plastic coming from the displays. The publisher will notify stores in the next few days how it will rectify the problem.[ICv2.com]

Retailing | Borders Group lost more than $50 million in February and March as it sought bankruptcy protection and began liquidating 226 stores, a new court filing shows. [The Wall Street Journal, Publishers Weekly]

Publishing | Mike Searle, former editor of Wizard Entertainment's defunct InQuest Gamer magazine, reportedly will replace Mike Cotton at Wizard World Digital. Cotton, who had been co-chief pop culture editor, left the company on Friday. [Bleeding Cool]

Conventions | Forces of Geek rounds up news from last weekend's Boston Comic Con. [Forces of Geek]

Creators | Brian Truitt interviews write Mark Andrew Smith about his new Image Comics series Gladstone's School for World Conquerors. [USA Today]

Creators | Chester Brown discusses Paying For It, his new memoir about hiring prostitutes: "I had a couple of different titles. One I was considering, but not that seriously, was The Sex Life of John Brown. But probably more seriously I was thinking of I Pay For Sex—much more direct or blunt. And for them [his publishers at Drawn & Quarterly], that was too blunt, too direct. Darn, I wish I could remember the title they suggested that I really hated. I think they actually suggested In Defence of Prostitution, which just is so boring."  [Macleans]

Creators | The National Post's literary blog kicks off its series of mini-profiles of creators attending this weekend's Toronto Comic Arts Festival: Canaan, Ben Towle, Mike White, Phil Rynda, Kayla Marie Hillier, Eric Skillman and Sean Ford. [The Afterword]

Creators | Zach Weiner, creator of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, talks about collecting his popular webcomic in printed form. [Forbes]

Creators | Mike Rhode spotlights cartoonist Katie Omberg. [Washington City Paper]

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