Comics A.M. | Golden Age artist Marion Sitton passes away

Passings | Dr. Michael J. Vassallo notes the passing of Marion Sitton, who drew romance, crime and Western comics for Timely and Atlas (earlier incarnations of Marvel) as well as Fawcett, Quality and other publishers. He was 92. [Timely-Atlas-Comics]

Publishing | Heidi MacDonald interviews Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson, who was selected by readers of The Beat as the Comics Industry Person of the Year. [The Beat]

Organizations | Babymouse creator Jennifer L. Holm has joined the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund board of directors. [CBLDF]

Creators | Tom Spurgeon talks to Eisner Award-winning writer and digital impresario Mark Waid at length about writing comics for the Big Two and others, his stint as editor-in-chief at BOOM! Studios, and his digital comics site Thrillbent. [The Comics Reporter]

Creators | And Spurgeon winds up his holiday interview series with a discussion with Joe Sacco (Journalism, Footnotes in Gaza). [The Comics Reporter]

Creators | Paul Cornell discusses plans for his upcoming run as writer for Wolverine. [Previews World]

Creators | Django Unchained producer Reginald Hudlin talks about adapting the film into comic book form; the comic will be like an alternate cut of the film, Hudlin says: "Scenes that we shot and cut and scenes that we never shot will be in the comic book, so you'll see a lot of material that you do not see in the movie in the comic." [MTV Geek]

Creators | Black Lung creator Chris Wright guests on the latest Inkstuds podcast. [Inkstuds]

Creators | Artist Sandy Plunkett's work will be featured in an exhibit at the Kennedy Museum in Athens, Ohio, his hometown. This brief writeup is accompanied by an audio interview and a slideshow of Plunkett's work. [WOUB]

Creators | Former fugitive John McAfee is moving to Portland to work on a graphic novel of his life. [Daily Mail]

Manga | Jason Thompson looks at Keiji Nakazawa's masterpiece Barefoot Gen, and provides some of the political and historical context that non-Japanese readers might miss. [Anime News Network]

Manga | Molly McIsaac counts down 10 manga to look forward to in the coming year. [iFanboy]

Digital comics | Darren G. Davis of Bluewater Productions explains the reasoning behind the company's digital variant covers for different editions of their Honey Boo Boo bio-comic. [Good E-Reader]

Media | Devin Leonard takes a look at Wikia, the for-profit arm of Wikipedia that focuses on games and comics and rewards its most prolific contributors by making them "stars." [SFGate]

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