Comics A.M. | Gene Luen Yang announces two-volume graphic novel

Creators | Gene Luen Yang, creator of American Born Chinese, has revealed his latest project Boxers and Saints, a set of two graphic novels about the Boxer Rebellion in China; one story is about a peasant who joins the Boxers, while the other is about a woman who converts to Catholicism. First Second will publish them as a slipcased set. There's a 10-page preview as well as an interview at the link. [Wired]

Comics | Jim Rugg notices that his print copy of Hellboy in Hell doesn't look as good as his friend's digital copy, and where most of us would have just shrugged and moved on, he takes the time to think about why that is and how careful publishers can ensure that print comics look their best. [Jim Rugg]

Libraries | Columbia University's Rare Book & Manuscript Library has made two significant additions to its comics holdings: six Batman scripts from the estate of Jerry Robinson and the research materials for Larry Tye's Superman: The High-Flying History of America’s Most Enduring Superhero, which include books, interview transcripts and clippings. Columbia will host a panel discussion on the new acquisitions on March 7. [Columbia University Libraries Library News]

Creators | Nikolai Dante co-creator Simon Fraser talks about his work on IDW Publishing's Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time, which will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who by featuring every Doctor and a slew of villains. [downthetubes]

Creators | Mark Waid talks about his plans for Dynamite Entertainment's Green Hornet and gives an update on Thrillbent, his digital comics initiative. [ICv2]

Creators | The local paper profiles Boston-area cartoonist Brian McFadden, who draws the weekly political-themed cartoon The Strip for The New York Times as well as the web/alternative comic Big Fat Whale. [Quincy Patriot-Ledger]

Creators | Writer Andrew Kreisberg discusses his plans for bringing the 1980s-vintage Justice League of America character Vibe into the DC Universe. [MTV Geek]

Retailing | Matthew Price talks to Oklahoma retailers about the bestsellers of 2012 and the trends they are seeing in their stores. [The Oklahoman]

Comics | Zack Smith profiles baker Sylvia Toth, who "prints" public-domain comics by Fletcher Hanks onto sheets of frosting and uses them to decorate the sugar cookies she sells in her Golden Age Bakery. [Indy Week]

Conventions | Brian Gardes explains why Stumptown Trade Review will attend Emerald City Comic Con and not the Wizard World Portland con the week before; he notes a pattern of Wizard holding cons in cities that already have independent comics conventions, around the same time and featuring the same guests: "It is time that we do not just stand up for independent creators, but also stand up for independent conventions and their organizers." [Stumptown Trade Review]

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