Comics A.M. | Gallery's Denver Comic Con proceeds stolen

Crime | A successful weekend at Denver Comic Con turned sour for Zac and Mindy Conley, the owners of The Hall of Justice art gallery, after a thief stole a cash box containing their proceeds from the show, about $1,000, and some special orders for Mindy Conley's artwork, which would have earned the couple another $1,500. The Conleys say they were planning to use the money for rent for their home and studio and the payment for their booth at next year's Denver Comic Con. "We’ve been fighting to turn this place into some really cool. And every month we’re wondering if we’re going to survive," Zac said. However, friends are rallying around: Illustrator Drew Litton, who will be showing his work at the gallery next month, will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Conleys, and gifts are also coming in through their Facebook page. [The Denver Post]

Legal | The Japanese Diet has enacted a law banning child pornography, but manga and anime will be specifically exempted. [Mainichi]

Publishing | Calvin Reid profiles the Canadian indie graphic novel house Conundrum Press, which publishes the work of Joe Ollmann (Mid-Life) and Meags Fitzgerald (Photobooth: A Biography), among others. [Publishers Weekly]

Comics | Erin Polgreen, editor of the graphic journalism anthology Symbolia, discusses why comics are particularly well suited to nonfiction storytelling and journalism. [Nieman Reports]

Comics | Susana Polo explains how to buy comics, from pull lists to comiXology, and as a bonus, she also adds some background on why things work the way they do. [The Mary Sue]

Creators | Gail Simone briefly discusses her work on DC Comics' Batgirl. [Man Cave Daily]

Creators | Writer Rob Williams, whose credits include everything from Ghost Rider to Ghostbusters, talks about his writing process, how he uses a theme to anchor a story, and the comics he wishes he had written. Williams is writing The Grievous Journey of Ichabod Azreal (and the Dead Left in His Wake) for 2000AD, and he will be co-writing the Eleventh Doctor series of Titan's Doctor Who comics. [Girls Like Comics Tumblr]

Creators | Michael Cavna remembers baseball player Tony Gwynn, who died this week at age 54, from the perspective of both a fan and someone who regularly drew editorial cartoons about Gwynn — one of which ended up in Gwynn's collection. [Comic Riffs]

Comics | Dan Nadel interviews scholar and critic Hilary Chute, author of the recently published Outside the Box: Interviews with Contemporary Cartoonists. [The Comics Journal]

Comics | David Apatoff considers the "fake anatomy" of Jack Kirby: "Kirby invented his own version of anatomy, and while it is often inaccurate, it seems just as persuasive as the genuine anatomy found in Bridgman, Vesalius or Muybridge."  [Illustration Art]

Conventions | James Watkins and Eric Madox, the owners of the Huntington, West Virginia, comic shop Broken Icon Comics, talk about the comics convention Tri-Con, which they organized, and the growing popularity of comics in the area. [The Independent]

Conventions | Muhlenberg College will be recruiting new students at Philadelphia Comic Con. "Comic Con geeks have many of the qualities we're looking for: They are imaginative, creative, close readers and listeners, with an eye for detail, a sense of humor and a flair for the dramatic. That pretty much describes the typical Muhlenberg student," says Muhlenberg College President Randy Helm. [Lehigh Valley Live]

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