Comics A.M. | Free WiFi comes to San Diego for Comic-Con

Conventions | Cox Communications and Comic-Con International will provide free WiFi to the entire downtown area of San Diego from July 8 to July 24, a period that encompasses the 2016 MLB All-Star Game as well as Comic-Con International. However, the WiFi will only be available outside the convention center during Comic-Con. Cox will install 100 hotspots around town, and for the period of Comic-Con will make them available for free to all users. After July 24, the hotspots will be available to Cox customers, and non-subscribers will be allowed one free hour per month. [San Diego Union-Tribune]

Legal | The Thai Election Commission has summoned cartoonist Arun Watcharasawat to "explain" why he drew a cartoon critical of an early draft of the new constitution. "The cartoonist and online editors of Matichon Weekly must meet us on June 30 to explain whether the incident was a misunderstanding, and explain the intentions behind it," said Election Commissioner Somchai Srisutthiyakorn. "If it was a misunderstanding, they must show responsibility and fix it, so that there will be correct understanding." The cartoon was published almost a year ago, and the draft that Watcharasawat critiqued was voted down by the legislature. The constitution is being drafted by members of the military junta that rules Thailand and will be voted on in a national referendum in August. Watcharasawat may have run afoul of the recently enacted referendum law, which bans disseminating an image that "deviates from the facts or contains manners that are violent, aggressive, rude, inciting or intimidating." The cartoon was originally published in August 2015, but Matichon Weekly republished it Friday on its Facebook page. [Khaosod English]

Creators | Jason Shiga talks in depth about his career and his comics, including his latest work, Demon. [The Comics Journal]

Awards | Caitlin Rosenberg argues that the time has come for the Eisner Awards to recognize the difference between digital comics and webcomics and adjust their categories accordingly. Eisners organizer Jackie Estrada responds in the comments. [Paste]

Advice | Cover artist Jeffrey Veregge offers five solid pieces of advice for anyone who wants to succeed as a comics artist. [Indian Country Today]

Creators | Michael Dooley talks to Tosh Berman, son of artist Wallace Berman, about his father's love of Flash Gordon and other classic comic strips, and the ways he incorporated them into his art. [Print]

Manga | Yusuke Murata, the artist for Eyeshield 21 and One-Punch Man, has announced his next project: Mangaka Yashoku Benkyuusho (Manga Artist's Late-Night Snack Laboratory). The content of the manga is hinted at by the promo image, which shows a manga artist at work while puffs of steam emerge from his rice cooker and a large pot. [Crunchyroll]

Publishing | In a brief interview, Fantagraphics co-founder and president Gary Groth explains why he hates Comic-Con — and why he goes anyway — and catches us up on the state of things since his partner Kim Thompson passed away in 2013. [Seattle Met]

Publishing | Robyn Chapman, who recently came on board as an associate editor at First Second, discusses her favorite comics. [First Second]

Publishing | Dark Horse has promoted Mark Bernardi to vice president of book trade and digital sales, replacing Michael Martens, who is moving on after 22 years. Bernardi is currently the director of digital publishing. [Publishers Weekly]

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