Comics A.M. | Foo Fighters' photo policies spark newspaper's creative protest

Comics | In order to avoid the Foo Fighters' concert photo contract, the Quebec newspaper Le Soleil sent a cartoonist to cover the concert. Cartoonist Francis Desharnais attended the show, and provided the paper with images to use alongside its write-up of the event. [Petapixel]

Political Cartoons | As scandals pile up around the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, the South China Morning Post profiles the cartoonist Zunar, who was recently charged with a record-breaking nine counts of sedition for criticizing the embattled leader. Najib had pledged to do away with the sedition law, but instead he has been applying it with increased vigor in the last two years, with Zunar one of his highest profile targets. [South China Morning Post]

Political Cartoons | Andrei Molotiu dissects the affair of the flag cartoon, in which Bob Englehart's cartoon of the Confederate flag being pulled down was augmented with images of a rainbow flag going up. The altered comic went viral on Facebook following the Supreme Court's decision on same-sex marriage. Molotiu discusses the origins of the comic and makes the case that the final version is a stronger statement than the original (which, to be fair, was drawn before the court's decision). [The Comics Journal]

Political Cartoons | Maine governor Paul LePage sent a handwritten note to Nick Danby, the son of Bangor Daily News cartoonist George Danby, apologizing for his comment that he would like to shoot the elder Danby. The younger Danby responded graciously, saying, "I wanted to respond by telling you that I was not offended — I thought they were quite humorous — nor was I the one who reported the incident — I think in many respects you were simply representing the feelings of many Mainers." [Bangor Daily News]

Creators | The local paper profiles Philadelphia-based cartoonist Jamar Nicholas, who adapted Geoffrey Canada's Fist Stick Knife Gun into graphic novel format; his current projects include the webcomic Detective Boogaloo, which he calls a "hip hop soap opera," and the graphic novel Leon: Protector of the Playground, which is due out next fall. [Metro]

Creators | Dan Piraro, creator of Bizarro, talks about his career as a syndicated cartoonist. [Priceonoimcs]

Creators | Sophie Goldstein talks about her body of work so far and her recently published graphic novel, The Oven. [The Comics Journal]

Comics | Tom Spurgeon interviews Sammy Harkham, editor of Kramers Ergot, about the history of the anthology and the recently announced upcoming issue. [The Comics Reporter]

Comics | As the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima approaches, John Freeman looks at some graphic novels on the topic, a scholarly work about graphic novels about the bomb and the Holocaust, and an upcoming exhibit in the UK on the topic. [Down the Tubes]

Manga | A survey of 1,000 Japanese people that asked who their favorite manga creator was produced results that look a lot like the manga best-seller list—but not entirely. [Kotaku]

Education | Paul Gravett gives a brief history of research into the use of comics in the classroom and talks to two teachers about how that plays out in real life. [Paul Gravett]

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