Comics A.M. | Fate of arrested Syrian cartoonist is unclear

Political cartoonists | Michael Cavna looks into a report by the Cartoonists Rights Network International that Syrian cartoonist Akram Raslan was executed in July. Raslan was arrested last year by Syrian security forces and, together with a group of journalists, artists and other "intellectuals," sentenced to life imprisonment. "Somehow, along the way to prison young 28-year-old Akram Raslan (and possibly others) was peeled off, taken out and executed," the post said. "He is reported to be in a mass grave somewhere near Damascus." However, CRNI's Robert Russell told Cavna they have been unable to confirm the report, which came from a "reliable source" close to Raslan's family. [Comic Riffs]

Conventions | Heidi MacDonald and Calvin Reid file a comprehensive con report on New York Comic Con, including a conversation with ReedPOP Global Vice President Lance Fensterman and a look at the panels and booths. [Publishers Weekly Comics World]

Crime | Tomoyuki Shima, editor-in-chief of Weekly Young Jump and the former editor of the basketball manga Slam Dunk, was arrested early this morning after threatening a taxi driver and then dodging a $7 fare. [Anime News Network]

Creators | Mark Waid talks about his Thrillbent site and the possibilities of digital comics: "The image can be static, but a certain element can zoom. Balloons can pop in and out. You can try new things. What's important is that it's still comics. We're not in the business of motion comics—no one wants that. It's cheap animation. Adding motion and sound imposes time elements on the story. Readers should be able to control the experience." [PC Magazine]

Creators | Charlie Chang talks to writer Greg Pak about Batman/Superman and Action Comics. [Kindle Post]

Creators | Dustin Nguyen discusses his super-cute Batman comic Li'l Gotham. [Geekosystem]

Creators | Brendan McCarthy, whose recent work includes 2000AD title The Zaucer of Zilk (published in the U.S. by IDW), talks about his work in comics and animation. [Sequential Highway]

Exhibits | An exhibit at the Immigration History Museum in Paris traces the way comics have dealt with immigrants over the years. [The Associated Press]

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