Comics A.M. | Fantagraphics to publish Don Rosa Library

Publishing | Although there's been no official announcement beyond an Amazon listing, Fantagraphics is set to publish a Don Rosa Library line, beginning next summer with the 248-page hardcover Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck: "The Son of the Sun." That was the title of the cartoonist's first Scrooge McDuck comic, released in 1987. [The Comics Reporter]

Creators | Writer and editor J.W. Rinzler talks about adapting George Lucas' initial draft of the Star Wars screenplay into the Dark Horse comic The Star Wars: "This is not something you could film. Here's a giant city and then here's a giant vista filled with huge spacecraft. (Lucas) was doing his blue sky version of what he wanted to do. He knew this was not going to be filmable." [The Associated Press]

Creators | It turns out the rumor about Mort Walker is true: The 90-year-old creator of Beetle Bailey is a lean, mean gag machine who can joke about almost anything and cook up two dozen gags while sitting in the doctor's waiting room. [Comic Riffs]

Editorial cartoons | The Economist looks at the flowering of political cartoons in the Middle East. [The Economist]

Creators | Ellen Forney discusses her memoir of bipolar disorder, Marbles. [The Guardian]

Creators | Writer Glen Brunswick goes all meta in Reality Check, his new series about a comic-book superhero who crosses the border into reality and meets his creator: "There's a lot of opportunity to exploit the fun and drama of that premise. Also, given how writers try to make their characters as real as possible, it really isn't that much of a stretch to have one cross over and come to life in their so-called 'real world.'" [USA Today]

Creators | Writer William Harris talks about his work on 39 Minutes and Impaler. [Comic Attack]

Causes | Creator Dario Carrasco Jr. is selling a special comic book, T-shirts, and sketches by comics artists to raise money to help victims of the Alberta flood. [Sun News]

Comics culture | The local paper profiles "geek therapists" Dave Verhaagen and Frank Gaskill, who use superheroes and comics themes to help their patients develop strength and self-confidence. [Charlotte Observer]

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