Comics A.M. | Exhausted, Stan Lee cuts short appearances

Creators | Stan Lee will cut his visit to this weekend's Dallas Comic-Con short and has canceled his appearance at Monday's Hero Complex Film Festival. A spokesman for POW! Entertainment said Lee, 89, is distraught and depressed after the death of Arthur Lieberman, one of his business associates at POW!, and is also fatigued after multiple appearances promoting The Avengers. Lee will appear Saturday at the Dallas Comic-Con, but not on Sunday. [Hero Complex]

Publishing | Todd Allen notes that DC Comics has dropped some titles from its subscription service, including Aquaman, Batwoman and Swamp Thing. The move seems to be motivated by low sales in that channel, and Allen takes that as evidence DC is being cost-conscious. They are offering substitute series to subscribers, but it's not clear what the logic is behind the substitutions. DC has also just launched a web store that sells lots of merch and a handful of graphic novels. [The Beat]

Legal | A judge has ordered the producers of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark to turn over the information requested by a stuntman who suffered several injuries while working on the Broadway musical. Richard Kobak claims that when he filled in for another stuntman, who had been injured, the rigging he used wasn't recalibrated for him, causing more than 70 hard landings onto the stage, which caused damage to his knees. Kobak, who suffered several other injuries as well, is considering suing the producers for negligence. [The Associated Press]

Conventions | The 11th annual East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention kicks off this evening in Philadelphia with a reception and ceremonies for the Glyph Awards and the Pioneer Lifetime Achievement Award. [The Philadelphia Inquirer]

Comics | Terry Moore provides concise, wise answers to two questions from a budding creator: How do you get your work into comics stores and how does a writer find an artist? [TerryMooreArt.com]

Comics | Jason Thompson discusses the surreal humor of the classic manga Cromartie High School: "One of the recurring jokes of Cromartie is really tough dudes doing trivial, everyday things, like if you had a movie about Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarznegger brushing their teeth." [Anime News Network]

Graphic novels | Ahead of Gay Pride Month, Martha Cornog runs down 26 gay-themed graphic novels and collections, ranging from Are You My Mother? and The Complete Wendel to Batwoman and Avengers: The Children's Crusade. [Library Journal]

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