Comics A.M. | Edmonton Comic Expo attracts 25,000 fans

Conventions | The second annual Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo attracted 25,000 people over the weekend, up from about 14,000 for the inaugural event. [Edmonton Journal]

Conventions | Tom Spurgeon reports in on MIX, the comics expo hosted by the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio, this past weekend. [The Comics Reporter]

Conventions | And Lyndsey Hewitt was on the scene at Wildcat Comic Con at Pennsylvania College. [Williamsport Sun-Gazette]

Conventions | Jim Steranko and Kim Deitch will be among the guests at the Locust Moon Comics Festival in Philadelphia this weekend. [The Philadelphia Inquirer]

Digital comics | V for Vendetta artist David Lloyd talks about his online comics anthology Aces Weekly, which he launched just about a year ago. [Forbidden Planet]

Creators | Robot 6 contributor J. Caleb Mozzocco talks to Fashion Kitty creator Charise Mericle Harper about the short comic she drew for the First Second anthology Fairy Tale Comics. [Good Comics for Kids]

Creators | Editorial cartoonist Michael De Adder talks about his job, which entails drawing 500 cartoons a year, and the challenge of drawing his own books on top of that. [The Chronicle Herald]

Creators | Korean artist Rhie Won-bok talks about how he went from childhood doodles to discovering comics while studying architecture in Germany to becoming one of the top cartoonists in Korea. While he was in Germany he started a series of comics about different countries called Near Countries, Far Countries; the Korea volume was published in English under the title Korea Unmasked. [The Korea Times]

History | Ryan Holmberg explores the mystery of how the manga magazine Garo got its name. [The Comics Journal]

Fans | On bed rest for the past five weeks of her pregnancy, Allison Bishop-Greenway passed the time by reading a print edition of the webcomic Lackadaisy and ended up liking it so much that she named her baby daughter Pepper, after the character Miss Ivy Pepper. [The Star]

Events | The recently opened Village Comics in Bedford, New Hampshire, will hold a benefit next month for the organization Hear in New Hampshire; the guest of honor will be five-year-old Anthony Smith, the hard-of-hearing child for whom Marvel created a special Blue Ear comic last year. [The Bedford Bulletin]

Retailing | Joy Ghigliotti and Ed Varuolo decided to start Hypno-Tronic Comics after a friend lost a comic store in Hurricane Sandy, and they chose the St. George neighborhood of Staten Island because with new development on the way, they think it will become a prime retail spot. [Staten Island Advance]

Libraries | Here's a story that illustrates the continuing popularity of manga among teenagers (for which there is plenty of anecdotal evidence, if no statistics): The librarians in the Vista Grande Public Library in Arizona set up a manga and graphic novels group in response to popular demand, and since they aren't well versed in the medium, they are letting the teens take the lead in suggesting what to buy for the library. [Casa Grande Dispatch]

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