Comics A.M. | Dwayne McDuffie's website to focus on writer's legacy

Creators | Eugene Son, a friend of late comics creator Dwayne McDuffie, announced plans to transform the writer's website from "one that promoted his work to one that reflects his immense legacy." The site's blog will remain active, with plans to post old columns and scripts written by McDuffie, as well as tributes and stories from McDuffie's friends. Earlier this week Son posted a 2002 essay he said was one of McDuffie's most-read works, "Six Degrees of St. Elsewhere (aka The Grand Unification Theory)." [DwayneMcDuffie.com]

Publishing | Wizard has hired Kevin Kelly as managing editor of its "website, social media and digital content endeavors." Kelly has previously worked for several entertainment websites, including io9, Moviefone, Cinematical and Joystiq, and was most recently senior features editor for G4tv.com. [press release]

Manga | Playback hosts a "Manga Moveable Feast" on Ken Akamatsu's Love Hina, which returns to print from Kodansha Comics next week. [Playback:stl]

Conventions | Our own Brigid Alverson reports on the kids comics presence at this past weekend's New York Comic Con. [Publishers Weekly]

Conventions | Alyssa Rosenberg gives her impressions of New York Comic Con: "... The other thing that stuck with me was the experience I’ve never had before, of being in a place essentially without a visible social hierarchy. Some of that is because this is a temporary community, and some of it’s because everyone there is pulling a Clark Kent, taking off their workaday clothes and putting on what makes them comfortable and most them, whether it’s Chuck Taylors or some really fantastic ladies-fit purple Mandalorian armor. But despite the fact that the audience ranged from black teenaged hipsters, to parents with their kids, to the standard, stereotypical white-dude comic fans, as well as up and down the age spectrum, it was essentially impossible to tell who had power among the attendees. Cosplayers? They get looked at, and praised, and have their pictures taken, but getting what you want out of an experience isn’t necessarily the same as having power in it. Consumers? To a certain extent, yes: you might have to wait in a lot of lines, and pay money, but the entire experience exists for your stimulation. But by the temporary nature of the situation, there’s no way to tell who’s cool, maybe because for once, for a couple of days, it just doesn’t matter." [ThinkProgress]

Creators | Jeff Lemire chats briefly about his plans for DC's Animal Man and Frankenstein, Agent of S.HA.D.E. [io9.com]

Creators | Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian discusses his passion for comics and working with artist Alex Ross on the band's latest album cover, among other topics. [Denver Westword]

Commentary | Our own Matt Seneca looks at a recent collection of Hal Foster's Prince Valiant comic. "A few pages into the fourth of Fantagraphics’ beautifully reprinted new editions of Hal Foster’s masterpiece and it’s difficult indeed to remember that this isn’t the greatest comic ever." [The Comics Journal]

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