Comics A.M. | Duo jailed for trying to sell $9,000 in stolen comics

Crime | Two people were arrested Friday in Albuquerque, New Mexico, after police say they tried to sell $9,000 worth of stolen comic books to a local retailer. Marcelo Hernandez, 24, and Stacie Niavez, 23, allegedly walked into Astro Zombies with three boxes of comics that matched the description and certification numbers of those stolen from a vehicle about two weeks earlier. The owner pretended to be getting price estimates but instead called police, who arrested Hernandez and Niavez outside the shop. Both were charged with receiving and transferring stolen property and conspiracy; Niavez was also charged with drug possession. [Albuquerque Journal]

Passings | Jon Kennedy, the former editorial cartoonist for the Arkansas Democrat and Arkansas Business, died Friday at age 96. He started work as an editorial cartoonist for the Democrat (now the Democrat-Gazette) in 1941, and served in the Army from 1943 to 1946, during which time he also drew cartoons and training materials. He went back to the Democrat and worked there until his retirement in 1988, then came out of retirement to draw cartoons for Arkansas Business from 1992 to 2005. He published one book, Look Back and Laugh, and was a member of the American Association of Editorial Cartoonists; he was also named Arkansas Journalist of the Year in 1988. [Arkansas Business]

Legal | Irina Filatova, the culture minister of the Ukrainian breakaway state Luhansk People's Republic, is so enraged by a four-minute cartoon made by Irena Karpa that she is demanding the cartoonist pay her 50,000 rubles in compensation — and be put to death by a firing squad. The cartoon mocks a series of bikini shots of Filatova that somehow became public. [New York]

Comics | Mallory Yu talks to Catwoman writer Genevieve Valentine, Marvel senior manager for talent acquisition Jeanine Schaefer, former DC editor Janelle Asselin and others about righting the gender imbalance in superhero comics, in terms of both bringing more women creators into the fold and depicting women more thoughtfully in the comics. Letting Catwoman fight in flats rather than heels is a modest start. [NPR]

Comics | Meanwhile, Walt Hickey does a statistical breakdown, with charts and everything, of female vs. male characters in DC and Marvel superhero comics and looks at some of the characteristics of female characters as well. He also talks to writers Jason Aaron and G. Willow Wilson about their characters, Thor and Ms. Marvel, respectively. [FiveThirtyEight]

Comics | In an interesting twist on the usual convention story, Sujay Kumar focuses on one booth at New York Comic Con: Metropolis Collectibles, where co-owner Vincent Zurzolo kept watch over a pristine copy of Action Comics #1 he purchased at auction in August for a record $3.2 million. And who stopped by to see this insanely valuable comic? Almost no one. [The Daily Beast]

Comics | Meanwhile, Phaedra Cook's story on Zurzolo and Action Comics #1 focuses on the nuts and bolts of the industry, such as how comics are graded and sold. [Houston Press]

Comics | Bill Kartalopoulos, the new series editor of Best American Comics, talks about this year's book (his first), how it differs from its predecessors, and where he thinks it might go in the future. [Paste]

Comics | Max Eddy covers the panel on trans themes at New York Comic Con. [PC Magazine]

Retailing | Ralph Mathieu, owner of Alternate Reality Comics in Las Vegas, talks about his business, his favorite comic (Afterlife With Archie), and how he proposed to his wife on the letters page of Garth Ennis' Preacher. [Las Vegas Review-Journal]

Conventions | The Latino Comics Expo took place in San Jose over the weekend, and Arturo Conde talks to creator Javier Hernandez (El Muerto) and expo co-founder Ricardo Padilla. [NBC News]

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