Comics A.M. | Driver to stand trial in ZombieWalk crash

Legal | A judge has ordered Matthew Pocci to stand trial on charges of felony reckless driving for an incident at last year's SDCC ZombieWalk: San Diego that left one woman seriously injured. In a preliminary hearing held Wednesday, the defense argued that Pocci, who is deaf, was scared for his and his family's safety, and was just trying to drive through an opening in the crowd of spectators, but the prosecution countered that he had grown angry and impatient. [CBS 8 San Diego]

Comics | Michael Dooley looks at Marvel's Daredevil through the years, with an emphasis on the art. [Print Magazine]

Galleries | The San Diego Comic Art Gallery, founded by IDW Publishing, opens this week at NTC Liberty Station. The first exhibit features the work of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman. [San Diego Union-Tribune]

Creators | Zippy creator Bill Griffith talks about the early days of underground comics, the music he listens to, and the graphic novels he's enjoyed recently. [Blues.gr]

Creators | Richard Sala talks about the allure of comics, his creative process and his characters: "For better or worse, I’m not one of those writers who say 'my characters take on a life of their own and do whatever they want and I just listen to them until I slowly understand who they are' and so on. I don’t write those kinds of stories. Sadly, my characters are pretty much all me. Every story I write and draw has the same 'voice' and it’s mine. Every speck of curiosity, fear, fortitude, nastiness and gloom is conjured up out of some corner of my own brain, some darker than others. For me, it’s more of an exorcism of personal demons than an attempt to empathize with fictional characters." [Electric Literature]

Creators | Rachel Stevens interviews Transformers colorist Josh Perez. [Women Write About Comics]

Comics | Jordan West offers some advice for parents who are looking for age-appropriate comics for their children. [The Mary Sue]

Conventions | Wizard of Oz artist Eric Shanower will be among the guests this weeked at the Olympia Comics Festival in Olympia, Washington. [The Olympian]

Retailing | Ty Harris, owner of the newly opened Tytan Comics in Bradenton, Florida, explains why it made sense to open his comic shop as part of a pre-existing tattoo parlor, Classic Ink. [Bradenton Herald]

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