Comics A.M. | Digital's role in 'resuscitating' comics industry

Digital comics | Financial-services company The Motley Fool touches upon how digital has helped to boost the comics industry, rather than undermine print sales as some predicted it would. "Digital has not to anyone's observation pirated the sales of comics. It looks like just the opposite," writer and charts-watcher John Jackson Miller tells the website. And then, because it's The Motley Fool, the story veers off into what investors can learn from digital comics -- specifically, "three forces [that] conspired to transform digital from a threat into a catalyst": quality, format and access. [The Motley Fool]

Creators | Brian K. Vaughan talks about producing the CBS sci-fi thriller Under the Dome and writing Saga as well as his digital comic The Private Eye. His take on Saga: "I definitely wanted to write about the experience of fatherhood and parenthood while also recognizing that's extremely boring for most people. How do you talk about these mundane topics in an exciting way? Hopefully setting this story in a wacky sci-fi fantasy universe has given us room to tell this story with some visual spectacle and just Fiona Staples being awesome." [USA Today]

Creators | Len Wein talks about Wolverine's origin story, how the character has evolved, the fact that his name is missing from the movie credits, and what it's like being thanked from the stage at Comic-Con International by Hugh Jackman. [Hero Complex]

Passings | Louisiana cartoonist Greg Peters, who used clip art to create satirical political cartoons, died Friday morning following emergency surgery. [Gambit]

Creators | Writer Kyle Higgins discusses Batman Beyond 2.0, DC's relaunch of Batman Beyond that builds on the animated series, set in neo-Gotham and featuring a college-age Batman, Terry McGinnis. [USA Today]

Creators | Naoki Urasawa, Benoît Peeters and François Schuiten all talk shop in a panel discussion at last year's International Manga Fest in Tokyo. [Nippon.com]

Conventions | Lisa Granshaw talks to families that cosplay together at conventions. [Today News]

Conventions | Stockton-Con attracted 7,000 attendees to its new home in the Stockton Arena this past weekend. [News 10 ABC]

History | David Davis takes a look at the work of Willard Mullin, who created the Brooklyn Bum, the iconic cartoon symbol for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Fantagraphics will publish a collection of Mullin's work later this month. [Los Angeles Times]

Technology | Boudewjin Pelt, the developer of the digital coloring tools Multifill and Flatte, widely used by webcomics creators, talks about his work. He initially released both plugins for free and has only recently started charging for them. [Scientific American]

Reviews | Dominic Umile reviews March, the autobiographical graphic novel by Rep. John Lewis. [Chicago Reader]

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