Comics A.M. | 'Digital is the newsstand of yesteryear'

Digital comics | Despite all the talk about digital comics lately, Paul Delos Santos finds plenty of ink-on-paper comics, as well as creators and fans, at last weekend's Amazing Las Vegas Comic-Con. “Digital is the newsstand of yesteryear for people that are new to comics that are discovering that way,” said Ralph Mathieu, owner of Las Vegas' Alternate Reality Comics. “Then (they are) going to comic stores and getting the physical format.” [Las Vegas Sun]

Superheroes | Looking at the lineup of Marvel and DC Comics adaptations, Frank Hagler argues, "It is far past time for Hollywood to release a comic book movie based on a minority comic book hero where the characters race is central to the theme of the story." [PolicyMic]

Creators | Dean Haspiel chats briefly about his new pulp hero the Red Hook, who protects his namesake Brooklyn neighborhood. [New York Post]

Creators | Rick Leonardi discusses his latest project Watson and Holmes, which re-envisions the literary sleuths as African-American detectives in present-day harlem. [New York Post]

Creators | Tim Donnelly checks in with Dan Jurgens, who answers questions about his first comic, his favorite single issue, and favorite storylines. [New York Post]

Retailing | Scott Hoverman, owner of Biloxi, Mississippi's 3 Alarm Comics, likes to bring in comics creators such as Mike Grell, who was at the store over the weekend, to meet the locals: "Sometimes the only opportunities for some to meet some of these guys is to travel to New York or one of the big cities. I've been lucky enough to be able to get to know them to where I can call them up and get them down here." [Sun Herald]

Retailing | Third Eye Comics, which already had a store in Annapolis, Maryland, on Saturday opened a second location about 60 miles away in California, Maryland. [TheBaynet]

Graphic novels | Jonathan H. Liu kicks off a column on serious sequential reads with a look at some classic graphic novels, including Maus and Watchmen. [GeekDad]

Comics | Larry Cruz takes a piercing look at the early days of the Teen Titans. [The Webcomic Overlook]

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