Comics A.M. | Digital comics' 'era of experimentation'

Digital comics | Jason Snell uses Comic-Con International as an opportunity to take a snapshot of digital comics in "an era of experimentation," and hones in on Madefire, the convention's embrace of technology, comiXology and the growing popularity of the digital-first model. “Digital has made us rethink how we fulfill books into the [print] retail market,” Chris Ross, Top Shelf's director of digital publishing, said during a panel. [TechHive]

Legal | The Attorney-Generals Chambers of Singapore has charged cartoonist Leslie Chew (the pen name of Chew Peng Ee) with contempt of court because of four cartoons posted on his Facebook page Demon-cratic Singapore. A hearing on the charges, which could result in jail time and fines, will be held on Aug. 12. Chew's attorney M. Ravi said in a phone interview, "Our judiciary is not like fragile flowers to be offended easily by such criticism. We have full faith in the impartiality and independence of our judiciary." [Bloomberg News]

Creators | Jimmy Palmiotti talks about growing up in Brooklyn, hanging out in Times Square and Coney Island in the 1970s, how he juggles his many writing gigs as well as self-promotion, and what he's working on now. [Parallel Worlds]

Creators | Rutu Modan, in Rome for the Festival of Jewish Culture and Literature, discusses her new graphic novel The Property, the story of a Polish woman who returns to her native country to reclaim a piece of property lost in the Holocaust. [ANSAmed]

Creators | Inker Joe Sinnott, who was inducted into the Eisner Awards Hall of Fame over the weekend, tells Michael Cavna about his long career as an inker for Marvel; he still inks the Sunday Spider-Man comic strip. [Comic Riffs]

Comics | Micro-publisher Tom Kaczynski and creators Zak Sally and Barbara Schulz talk about self-publishing before and after the Internet, as well as the role the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) has in supporting emerging creators. [Minnesota Daily]

Creators | Monica Campbell talks to creators Javier Hernandez, José Cabrera, Jim Lujan, and Liz Mayorga, as well as fans of their work, at the Latino Comics Expo at the Cartoon Museum in San Francisco. [PRI's The World]

Libraries | Calvin Reid reports on the Comic-Con panel "What's Next for Graphic Novels in Libraries," which featured an impressive lineup of librarians and library-friendly creators. [Publishers Weekly]

Editorial cartoons | The cartoonist Kash, who launched his career drawing Bob Marley pictures on the day the reggae legend died, finds humor in the turmoil that surrounds him in the Democratic Republic of Congo. And he gives voice to a sentiment common to editorial cartoonists around the world: "When people complain, my boss tells me I've hit the mark." [France 24]

Comics | On the 75th anniversary of The Beano, Paul Hopkins reminisces about the world of DC Thomson comics, mourns the loss of The Dandy, and remembers the moment when he put all that behind him. [Belfast Telegraph]

Retailing | Muncie, Indiana, comic shop Alter Ego is moving to new quarters in the improved downtown area, where it will benefit from synergy with a nearby hobby shop; the opening of the new store will feature a signing by Mark Waid. [The Star Press]

Reviews | Hillary Thompson reviews the Kickstarter-funded anthology The Big Feminist But and includes samples of work by Jeffrey Brown, Hilary Florido, Sarah Oleksyk, and Sari Wilson and Josh Neufeld. [Paste Magazine]

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