Comics A.M. | Diamond returning to C2E2 for annual Retailer Summit

Retailing | Diamond Comic Distributors has announced it will return to Chicago April 24-26 for its annual Diamond Retailer Summit, held in conjunction with the April 26-28 Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo . The three-day event includes presentations from sponsoring publishers, focus groups, and retailer workshops and roundtables. [Diamond Summits]

Awards | Johanna Draper Carlson has resigned as a judge for the 2012 Glyph Comics Awards following a disagreement over which works are eligible for the annual honors. Carlson believed judges should be able to nominate comics (as is the case with the Eisners), but the organizers limited the pool to comics that were submitted to them, which resulted in a smaller group of nominees. [Comics Worth Reading]

Digital comics | Digital was a big presence this year at India Comic Con in the form of webcomics, a newly launched Android app, and even a digital comics site that allows readers to pay cash (if they are at the con with the guy who runs it, anyway). [The Times of India]

Creators | Ann Nocenti discusses the debut this week of DC's Katana, for which she drew inspiration from Asian cinema: "There's such a rich history in Japanese film of the lone warrior out to avenge and the idea of the assorted sword clans. She comes up against all kinds of new villains as she's on this quest for vengeance on whomever murdered her husband. That's a genre that people will get right away because people have seen these kinds of movies. You know where you're standing right away." [USA Today]

Creators | Paul Gravett talks to the Swiss graphic novelist Frederick Peeters about his techniques and the development of his graphic novels Blue Pills, Sandcastles and Pachyderme. [Paul Gravett]

Creators | Sean Howe discusses his book Marvel Comics: The Untold Story on the War Rocket Ajax podcast. [Comics Alliance]

Manga | Canadian publisher CloneManga has launched a Kickstarter campaign to publish the graphic novel NNN in a hardcover edition. NNN, by Canadian creator Dan Kim, won two Joe Shuster awards as well as a bronze medal in the Japanese foreign ministry's International Manga Competition. [Anime News Network]

Exhibits | James Bacon pays a visit to the Alex Ross exhibit at the Norman Rockwell museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts; even if you can't make it to Stockbridge, the post is worth a click for the art, including Ross's depiction of Norman Rockwell as a superhero, with an American flag for his cape. [Forbidden Planet]

Webcomics | Kenya gets what the writer is calling its first digital comic, Hillside Campus, a webcomic on Capital FM radio's college-news site. [Ghafla! News]

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