Comics A.M. | Diamond plans digital service? Eisner judges named

Retailing | Rich Johnston confirms that Diamond Comic Distributors is developing a digital comics service that, in the words of a company representative, "will be entirely focused on driving sales of digital comic-related content through brick and mortar comic book specialty retailers." No details were made available, but an official announcement is expected "in the near future." In the meantime, Johnston gathers initial reactions from several retailers. [Bleeding Cool]

Publishing | Amit Desai, who has worked at Warner Bros. since 2004, has been named as DC Entertainment's senior vice president, franchise management: "In his new role, Desai will develop and implement the individual franchise plans for Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, The Flash, MAD Magazine, Vertigo titles, and other DC properties. This will include driving wider cross-promotional support across all Time Warner divisions." [press release]

Publishing | Alex Segura, former publicity manager at DC Comics, has been hired by Archie Comics as executive director of publicity and marketing. [press release]

Awards | The judges have been announced for the 2011 Eisner Awards: Ned Cato Jr., Comic-Con International board member; Karen Green, Columbia University's graphic novel librarian; Andrew Helfer, veteran editor and writer; Rich Johnson, co-founder of Yen Press and former vice president of book trade sales for DC Comics; and Chris Powell, general manager of Lone Star Comics/mycomicshop.com. [Comic-Con International]

Conventions | Evan Dorkin and Brian Heater wrap up Saturday's Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival. [Livejournal, The Daily Cross Hatch]

Creators | Nathan Wilson begins a three-part interview with Paul Levitz about the new book 75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking. [TCJ.com]

Creators | Mike Mignola is featured in the first installment of the Los Angeles Times' new video archive "The Signature Series." [Hero Complex]

Creators | As Fables marks its 100th issue, Bill Willingham discusses the series' appeal, and its future: "I've been asked, 'Why doesn't Fables come to an end the way other Vertigo books do?' — this question implies that you get a stronger story if you set a horizon line. My reply is, 'Fables comes to an end all the time.' There's been many stories throughout the series — both epic and small — that have come to an end. My hope is that I won't get bored writing this book, and that I'll be able to do it for a long time to come." [io9.com]

Creators | Deborah Vankin briefly spotlights Kate Beaton. [Hero Complex]

Creators | Web Behrens talks to Batwoman artist Amy Reeder about being offered the series with J.H. Williams III: "At first, I thought it would be a bad idea. I figured he’ll just make me look bad, since his art is so good. Really! I thought, 'I’m just asking for trouble.' But then I keep saying, 'I love a challenge.' I want to do more with my art, and this is the way to do it." [Time Out Chicago]

Creators | John Geddes interviews Eric Powell about The Goon: An Irish Wake, a two-part story appearing on usatoday.com as part of the DH:HD program. [USA Today]

Creators | Kill Shakespeare collaborators Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery have been getting loads of press for their IDW Publishing series.  [AOL News]

Comics | Scott Allie, senior managing editor of Dark Horse, sits down for a video interview to discuss the developments in Buffy the Vampire Slayer #39. [TFAW.com]

Comics | Ben Morse looks at seven important X-Men stories. [The Cool Kids Table]

Comics | Five absurd ways comic books have resurrected dead superheroes. [Cracked]

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