Comics A.M. | Denver Comic Con attendance grows to 86,500

Conventions | A reported 86,500 people attended the third annual Denver Comic Con over the weekend, up from 61,000 in 2013. The event is undergoing some growing pains, however, with organizers quickly rescinding an announced cart-service fee for next year's convention following complaints from vendors. Even without that additional charge, some exhibitors remain unhappy about the proposed increase in booth fees. [The Denver Post]

Manga | A sharp-eyed fan of Japanese sci-fi author Sakyo Komatsu spotted a copy of his first manga, Kaijin Sukereton Hakashi (The Mysterious Skeleton Doctor), in the Prange Collection at the University of Maryland. Published in 1948, the manga is printed on cheap paper in black and white and red, a format known as "akahon" that was popular after World War II. The manga is the story of a scientist who creates an artificial earthquake to cause Japan to sink into the ocean, reflecting Komatsu's interest in both earthquakes and science, themes he would return to in his later writings. [Anime News Network]

Creators | Walter Simonson discusses his return to Norse mythology with Ragnarok, and the remastered edition of Star Slammers. [PC Mag]

Creators | Ahead of his appearance this week at Wizard World Philadelphia, Marv Wolfman reflects on his famous co-creations Blade, Bullseye, Black Cat and Teen Titans Cyborg, Raven and Starfire. "I love that kids today can watch the Titans cartoon shows, where the characters, despite how different they are, are emotionally the same as when we did them," he said. "The kids really love them, and that delights me." [Philadelphia Daily News]

Creators | Mike Dawson talks about how he treats his characters, why he likes to have a lot of them, and the evolution of his latest graphic novel, Angie Bongiolotti. [The Comics Reporter]

Comics | Ashley Ford has a Pride Month listicle of 12 Kick-Ass Gay Women in Comics and Graphic Novels. [Buzzfeed]

Collecting | From the floor of Denver Comic Con, Mile High Comics CEO Chuck Rozanski offers some advice for buyers and would-be collectors. [The Denver Post]

Retailing | Taris Savell profiles Pensacola Pop Comics and owner Harley Orr. [Pensacola News Journal]

Cosplay | The Sydney Morning Herald presents a snapshot of the cosplay scene in Australia. [The Sydney Morning Herald]

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