Comics A.M. | DC's <i>Flashpoint</i>-New 52 link; Borders warns off investors

Comics | Flashpoint editor Eddie Berganza talks to USA Today about the midpoint of DC's big summer event series and how it might tie into the September relaunch: "They're starting to figure out where these 52 are coming from, and it's staring them right in the face with Flashpoint. A lot of the concepts, a lot of the ideas, they're cropping up within the pages. You have a book called Frankenstein in the Flashpoint world, and guess what, we're doing Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE. You'll see a couple of other background players start showing up that become more important as we go into September." [USA Today]

Retailing | Borders Group warned investors on Tuesday against buying any more of the company's stock as it soon could be worthless. If a federal bankruptcy court approves the $215-million opening bid submitted last week, the bookseller would become a subsidiary of the privately held Direct Brands, owner of the Book of the Month Club and Columbia House, meaning stock will no longer be traded. [The Detroit News]

Passings | Manga writer Shinji Wada, who teamed up with You Higuro on the lighthearted romance/caper/parody Crown, has died. [Anime News Network]

Creators | Saga of the Swamp Thing artist Steve Bissette talks about his new book, Teen Angels and New Mutants, a 400-page "history of the ways entertainment has exploited teenagers, both fictional and actual, and partly a critical analysis of the early ’90s comics series Brat Pack." [Shelf Life]

Creators | Tom Neely, who was interviewed just yesterday by Robot 6, talks more about his "painted novel" The Wolf. Secret Headquarters in Los Angeles will host a launch party for the book on Thursday Friday. [LA Weekly]

Creators | Whilce Portacio, Francis Manapul and several other Filipino comic book creators answer questions about their work and provide updates on their latest projects. [Philippine Daily Inquirer]

Creators | Jillian Tamaki gives an in-depth interview about her career, Skim and her job as an art instructor, among other topics. [The Comics Journal]

Digital | Paperkeg describes a social encounter with a comics retailer who made some recommendations, just the sort of thing that happens all the time in local comics shops—except that this time it was all digital. [Paperkeg]

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