Comics A.M. | DC, Marvel tease big announcements as NYCC looms

Conventions | The New York Post previews this week's New York Comic Con in a pair of articles, the second of which focuses on announcements from Marvel and DC. Marvel's "Cup O’ Joe" panel will reveal how Fear Itself, Avengers: The Children’s Crusade and X-Men: Schism tie together, while DC plans to reveal "the surprising origin of a longtime member of the Justice League" and more creators who will work on their New 52 books, in addition to Andy Kubert. Update: Presumably the Justice League member with the surprising origin is Wonder Woman. [New York Post article #1, article #2]

Comics | Not surprisingly, DC saw double-digit increases in September compared to the year before, but the overall market was down a touch as graphic novel sales, lacking this year's equivalent of Scott Pilgrim, were down. [The Comichron]

Business | Disney CEO Robert Iger, who oversaw the company's purchase of both Marvel Entertainment and Pixar, will step down as CEO in March 2015. [Bloomberg]

Creators | Mark Sable discusses his career, his work on Graveyard of Empires and Decoy, and his Marvel-themed bar mitzvah: "There was a caricaturist there, and I gave out shirts with a picture of me -- this seems incredibly narcissistic looking back -- there's a picture of me on this shirt, a caricatured version of me in Iron Man's Silver Centurion armor. With the helmet off. And me wearing -- I no longer wear glasses, I wear contacts -- me wearing these really thick, socially damning glasses [laughter] and saying, 'I had a MARVEL' -- Marvel in all caps -- 'MARVELous time at Mark's bar mitzvah.'" [The Comics Reporter]

Creators | Kevin and Zander Cannon of Big Time Attic, an illustration studio that specializes in educational comics, talk about their work on educational comics such as Bone Sharps, Cowboys, and Thunder Lizards and T-Minus: The Race to the Moon. [The Journal]

Creators | The Toronto Star talks to three local creators who are working on DC's New 52 comics: Francis Manapul, Jeff Lemire and Ken Lashley [Toronto Star]

Comics | The Moscow Times interviews the creators of Forbidden Art, a nonfiction graphic novel about the trial of the organizers of a controversial art exhibit. Although censorship is nominally forbidden in Russia, the government and the Orthodox Church teamed up to prosecute the organizers, who ended up paying a fine. [The Moscow Times]

Retailing | Tom Moore, owner of Texas Comic Shop in San Angelo, Texas, offers his personal formula for success: "I didn't get in over my head. I wasn't borrowing money that I couldn't pay back. When times got tough I just had to bring in enough to keep everything open. I got by not making tactical mistakes. I know my customer base, so I order what I need, and I don't go over. When I do go over, I make an effort to lower prices or offer promotions to get rid of the items." [The San Angelo Standard-Times]

Comics | "There is no good reason for me to buy an independent comic issue any more unless it is a complete story in itself": Johanna Draper Carlson bemoans the tendency of indy comics to start strong but never finish and concludes that print serialization is not working for small publishers. She sees online releases as the way to build an audience nowadays, although that may not solve the problem of the near-infinite wait between issues of Infinite Vacation. [Comics Worth Reading]

Manga | A member of one of the Digital Manga Guild's fan translation/editing teams talks frankly about what the experience has been like so far, including communication with publisher Digital Manga Publishing. [Manga Bookshelf]

Review | Gavin Lees reviews Mike Dawson's Troop 182. [Graphic Eye]

Comics | Here's a handy reference tool: Paul Gravett has made a database of all the comics in his book 1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die, with title, author, and publisher information, as well as some supplementary articles. [Paul Gravett]

Webcomics | Sean Kleefeld takes a look at webcomics that take the creator's personal life as their subject, and why this is more common on the web than in print. [MTV Geek]

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