Comics A.M. | DC Comics sticking with hardcover-first policy

Publishing | Bob Wayne, DC Comics' senior vice president of sales, and John Cunningham, vice president of marketing, discuss May sales figures, which show the publisher edging closer to Marvel in market share and Batman topping Justice League. Wayne also explained why DC won't change its practice of publishing collected editions first in hardcover, then as inexpensive paperbacks: "While certain titles do get a deluxe or an Absolute Edition at some point, we think our retailer would be leaving a lot of money on the table if we didn’t give consumers the chance to buy hardcovers first on select titles. The sales we are having in both channels on Batman and Justice League in the month of May indicate that we don’t have that many people waiting the trade, looking for that cheaper edition. A lot of people seem to want a nice durable hardcover and we plan to follow this model for the foreseeable future." [ICv2]

Piracy | Manga scanlators (and proprietors of other bootleg comics sites, such as HTMLComics.com) have argued that reading manga on their sites is no different from checking it out of the library. Librarian and graphic novel expert Robin Brenner explains why that just isn't so. [About.com]

Comics | If DC Comics is keeping the New 52 at 52, as Co-Publisher Dan DiDio has said, and there are four new #0 comics coming out in September, which four of the current 52 will be coming off to make room for them? Todd Allen runs the numbers and adds some educated guesswork to come up with one possible list, and the readers take over in comments. [The Beat]

Retailing | The recent uptick in comics sales has several California retailers feeling optimistic. [Ventura County Star]

Creators | Chris Schweizer talks about making comics (most recently, Crogan's Loyalty) and also about teaching comics at SCAD in a lengthy interview with Tom Spurgeon. [The Comics Reporter]

Creators | J.L. Bell points out Ray Bradbury's classy response when EC Comics lifted two of his stories and combined them into a comic; he sent them a bill and invited them to do it again. [Oz and Ends]

Comics | Gavin Jasper discusses the way Geoff Johns sets up a threat that makes the reader really fear for the characters — and how Brian Michael Bendis misses the mark. [4thletter!]

Comics | Ryan Holmberg juxtaposes cartoons from the 1920s-1930s Japanese magazine Shin Seinen, which was sort of a Japanese version of The New Yorker, with later works by alternative manga creator Shigeru Sugiura, showing his influences but in the process showing some interesting cartoons by American creators including Milt Gross and Dr. Seuss. (Warning: Some racist imagery.) [The Comics Journal]

Comics | Jonathan H. Liu pens offers an introduction to Will Eisner's Contract with God trilogy. [GeekDad]

Humor | What sort of freelance job will the main character of BOOM! Studios recently teased Freelancer actually have? The image holds some clues ... [Stumptown Trade Review]

Conventions | Attendance at the second Niagara Falls Comic Con reached about 5,000, making it likely that there will be a third. “'We crushed it,' said a satisfied co-organizer Paul Tappay, who spent a year planning the show with business partner Chris Dabrowski. 'We’re an organizing mullet … he’s the business end and I’m the party end.'" [Welland Tribune]

Conventions | Meanwhile, Stan Lee was his usual affable self at the Albuquerque Comic Expo. [KOB.com]

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