Comics A.M. | Dark Horse's 25 years of manga; the digital 'problem'

Publishing | Dark Horse President Mike Richardson discusses how he became one of the first publishers of manga in the United States, explains how the company selects its titles, and suggests some manga for first-time readers. [Previews]

Digital comics | Retailer Ron Catapano points to the comiXology server crash triggered by the response to the free Marvel comics promotion as "the problem with digital content that fans keep complaining about": "I can't read the books I paid for because I can't save them on my own computer and I'm limited in what I can save to my tablet by the small storage on tablets.  Instead, the books I pay for are kept by comiXology and as long as I have a high speed internet connection available… I can log on and read my books on their web site or I can download a few to my tablet. BUT NOT TODAY … because someone decided it was a good idea to put 700 Marvel issue #1's up for free at the same time." [ICv2.com]

Digital comics | Jason Snell kicks the tires on the new Marvel Unlimited iPad app. [Macworld]

Creators | Paul Cornell discusses the relaunched Wolverine, a collaboration with Alan Davis that debuts today as part of Marvel's Marvel NOW! initiative. [USA Today]

Conventions | Tom Spurgeon, with assistance from Jen Vaughn, chronicles his Emerald City Comicon weekend, which included visits to several West Coast retailers and the new offices of Comic Book Resources. [The Comics Reporter]

Conventions | Too Much Coffee Man creator Shannon Wheeler writes, and draws, about his experience at South by Southwest. [Venture Beat]

Conventions | The Las Vegas Sun previews the June 14-16 Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con. [Las Vegas Sun]

Webcomics | Nikolai Dante creator Simon Fraser tells Emily Whitten all about Act-I-Vate. [ComicMix]

Graphic novels | The Rijksmuseum, repository of much of Rembrandt's art, is collaborating with the creator Typex and the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Architecture and Design to create a graphic novel about the artist. [artlyst]

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