Comics A.M. | <i>Cyborg 009</i> reimagined; <i>A Distant Soil</i> artwork needed

Publishing | According to the San Diego Comic Con schedule, Archaia will publish an adaptation of Shotaro Ishinomori's classic sci-fi manga Cyborg 009, "reimagined" in Western style. The adaptation will be written by F. J. DeSanto and Brad Cramp, and illustrated by Trevor Hairsine. In case you missed it, David Brothers recently wrote a fascinating piece on the original. [Anime News Network]

Creators | Colleen Doran is looking for original art from her creator-owned series A Distant Soil. "I require good quality scans of the art for the future editions of the print books, as well as the upcoming digital editions ... If you purchased A Distant Soil original art, I would be very grateful if you would get in touch with me." [A Distant Soil]

Creators | Stan Lee recalls the creation of Spider-Man, and how his publisher initially hated the idea: “Martin said to me, ‘That’s the worst idea I’ve ever heard.' He said, ‘First of all, you can’t call a hero “Spider-Man.” People hate spiders. Next, you can’t make him a teenager — teenagers can only be sidekicks. And you say you want him to have problems? Stan, he’s a superhero . Superheroes don’t have problems.’ ” [New York Daily News]

Creators | Writer Fred Van Lente talks about the upcoming relaunch of Valiant's Archer & Armstrong, which features an evil group of Wall Street types called "The One Percent": "American comics have a long tradition of ripping social issues from the headlines so the heroes can punch them in the face." [The Denver Post]

Creators | Matt Madden and Jessica Abel discuss their latest "how to create comics" book, Mastering Comics. [The Comics Reporter]

Commentary | Campbell Robertson reviews Joe Sacco's Journalism in comics form. [Slate]

Commentary | Andrew Wheeler lists "50 Comics and Characters That Resonate with LGBT Readers." [ComicsAlliance]

Comics | Richard Bruton takes a look at the upcoming titles from Cinebook, which publishes translated French and Belgian comics such as XIII, Lucky Luke, and The Adventures of Blake and Mortimer. [Forbidden Planet]

Comics | The Denton Record Chronicle spotlights Shaun Treat, who teaches "Mythic Rhetoric of Superheroes” at the University of North Texas and gets help from local comic shop owner Tim Stoltzfus. "I generally aim to share with the class the business side of comics and how the economic realities of the business over the years have shaped the artistic side, both for good and for ill," Stoltzfus said. "All the books we cover in the class have an element of the business within their back story that is worth sharing to help students understand how the works came into existence.” [Denton Record Chronicle]

Conventions | Torsten Adair reports on the American Library Association's midsummer meeting, an event at which graphic novels have been getting more prominent every year. [The Beat]

Conventions | Martin Gray reports from the second Glasgow Comic Convention. [Too Dangerous for a Girl]

Conventions | Erica McGillivray discusses Seattle's GeekGirlCon, which will hold its second event in August. [Wired]

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