Comics A.M. | Court sides with <i>Zohan</i> in comic writer's lawsuit

Legal | The Second Circuit Court of Appeals backed the 2010 decision by a federal judge to dismiss a comic writer’s claims that Adam Sandler, Judd Apatow, Columbia Pictures and parent company Sony Picture stole his idea for a hairdresser-turned-hero and transformed it into the movie You Don’t Mess With the Zohan. Robert Cabell filed a copyright-infringement lawsuit in February 2009 accusing the moviemakers of ripping off his comic The Hair-Raising Adventures of Jayms Blonde, about a Navy SEAL-turned-hairdresser who fights crime armed with a blow dryer. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Creators | The Hero Initiative reports that comics creator Josh Medors, who has a rare form of cancer, has been released from the hospital after being treated for a lung infection. [Hero Initiative]

Creators | Dave McKean discusses his most recent work, the erotic graphic novel Celluloid. [Suicide Girls]

Creators | Terry Moore talks at length about his upcoming comic Rachel Rising, the end of Echo and and the in-the-works film by Lloyd Levin and screenwriter Kerry Williamson. He says the idea for Rachel Rising came from an unused idea he had while working on Birds of Prey for DC: "The rough idea was a woman committing a crime, like burglary, when Batrat drops in and a minute later she’s dead. A terrible accident. He pretends to care, blah, blah. He’s in the morgue watching them slide her drawer shut. That’s that. The next night he’s taking a leak off a rooftop or whatever it is a guy with his underwear on the outside does at night on rooftops, and there she is. The girl from the morgue is back, robbing the shop below. He engages the suspect. Damn if she doesn’t get killed again. Swear it wasn’t Fatman’s fault. Morgue. Next day, she’s baaaack. Get the idea? That was Deadgirl. I loved her. Unfortunately, I left Birds of Prey before I could use my secret weapon, so I put her in a drawer for later. Meanwhile, the name of Deadgirl was copyrighted at Marvel, so when it was time for my new series I re-titled it Rachel Rising. And that’s where she came from." [PopMatters]

Creators | Rick Geary reveals the roots of his fascination with true crime. [NBM Blog]

Commentary | Melinda Beasi thinks publishers, and readers, should take more pride in manga that is created by and for women, rather than apologizing for that fact or brushing it aside. [Manga Bookshelf]

Comics | As the final issue of Mome rolls off the presses, Brian Heater talks to editor Eric Reynolds about the anthology's genesis and the purposes it served. (Part 1 of 4.) [The Daily Cross Hatch]

Movies | Daniel Snyder lists five fatal errors for comic book movies. [The Atlantic]

Criticism | Jason Thompson takes a long look at Junji Ito's Uzumaki, a horror manga that relies on creepiness rather than shock. [Anime News Network]

Conventions | The Miami New Times profiles this weekend's Florida Supercon. The show's guest list includes Dennis Calero, Charlie Adlard, Paul Gulacy, Ariel Olivetti, Tony Bedard, Duncan Fegredo, Sean McKeever and musical guest Motion City Soundtrack. [Miami New Times]

Comics | Stan Lee gets the Bluewater treatment. [Bluewater Comics]

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