Comics A.M. | Council OKs San Diego Convention Center expansion

Conventions | San Diego City Council has given final approval to the planned $520 million expansion of the San Diego Convention Center, viewed as necessary to keeping Comic-Con International in the city past 2015. The project still faces a legal challenge to a financing scheme involving a hotel-room surtax, as well as state regulatory approval, leading the city attorney to caution that the targeted 2017 completion date is just "a goal." Whether Comic-Con organizers can be convinced to sign another three-year extension to their contract remains a big question. [NBC San Diego]

Conventions | Most of Heidi MacDonald's article about New York Comic Con is behind a paywall at Publishers Weekly, but she pulls out some stats at The Beat: Ticket sales are up 190 percent over this time last year. As the capacity of the Javits Center is somewhere south of 110,000 people, this means the ReedPOP folks won't sell any more tickets than last year, but they are selling out faster. Three-day and four-day passes are already gone, only Friday tickets remain, and ReedPOP vice president Lance Fensterman expects everything to be sold out by the time the show begins. [The Beat]

Creators | Calvin Reid talks with Chris Ware about Building Stories and building stories: "People will say to me, oh, what do you do and I'll say ‘I'm a cartoonist’ or ‘I write stories’ and the response might be, oh, that sounds amazing. I can't even draw a straight line or I couldn't ever tell a story, but everybody is always telling themselves stories. Anytime you meet anybody or learn anything about them, you're writing fiction. You write fiction about people that you know, that you think you know well, because you create stories about them in your mind and whatever story that you think about, it’s probably not true." [Publishers Weekly Comics World]

Creators | Chew co-creator John Layman takes over writing duties on Detective Comics this week with Issue 13, and he plans to bring plenty of twists, misdirection, and action to his story: "I'm not a fan of decompressed storytelling where you basically get a whole issue of a superhero walking to a refrigerator and getting into a fight and that's it." [USA Today]

Creators | Amy Reeder discusses her career, her inspirations and her collaboration with Brandon Montclare on the Image Comics one-shot Halloween Eve. [TFAW.com]

Creators | Sculptor Justin Coulter's statue of Harvey Pekar, funded by a Kickstarter campaign led by Pekar's widow Joyce Brabner, will be dedicated on Oct. 14. The statue will be installed at the main branch of the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library, which Brabner called Pekar's "first love and second home"; JT Waldman, the artist for Not the Israel My Parents Promised Me, will speak at the dedication. [Patch.com]

Creators | Matthew Inman talks about his recently concluded IndieGoGo campaign to fund a Nikola Tesla museum in the inventor's old lab in Shoreham, New York. [The Washington Post]

Awards | Nominations are open for the Cybils, the Children's and YA Bloggers Literary Awards, which has two graphic novel categories, elementary/middle and teen. [Cybils]

Publishing | A U.K. bookseller looks at the growing popularity of children's comics; despite the recent demise of The Dandy, the second-fastest growing category in the first half of 2012 was children's comics. [ComicbookGRRRL]

Graphic novels | Rohini Kedjriwal takes a look at the burgeoning indy graphic novel scene in India, which includes a new online magazine, Strip Tease, set to launch at the end of the month. [Deccan Herald]

Comics | Kelson Vibber breaks down the changes to Barry Allen's origin as depicted in The Flash #0. [Speed Force]

Digital comics | The Japanese digital comics site J-Comi, established by Love Hina creator Ken Akamatsu, just concluded a successful crowdfunding campaign that offered limited digital editions of manga by Akamatsu and other creators, plus autographed postcards; the premiums sold out in 20 minutes. [Asahi Shimbun]

Digital comics | Harry McCracken takes a look at Madefire's motion comics for the iPhone. [Techland]

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