Comics A.M. | Cosplaying 'gunmen' arrested on way to G-Anime

Crime | Two cosplayers on their way to G-Anime were arrested Friday in Gatineau, Quebec, and their fake weapons were confiscated. The two men, who were wearing camouflage and carrying what appeared to be guns, were spotted in a parking lot near a number of government buildings (the Canadian Parliament was attacked by a lone gunman in October). Someone called the police, and they dispatched about a dozen officers who cordoned off the area and searched for the men. The cosplayers, who were both 18, were taken into custody and fined $270 for violating a municipal bylaw that prohibits carrying certain weapons in public or in a vehicle, although the law seems to be aimed at knives, bows and arrows, and swords, not guns. Their car was impounded, and their weapons are being held as evidence. G-Anime organizers posted a notice Friday asking attendees wearing camouflage or carrying replica weapons to wait until they arrive a the convention to change into costumes. [Ottawa Sun]

Crime | Artist and collector Jim Wheelock was robbed of a large collection of comics, which was apparently then sold to several dealers on the East Coast. He provides a detailed description of the missing items and asks that dealers be on the lookout. [Bleeding Cool]

Creators | In an interview tied to Burns Night (it was last night), writers Emma Beeby and Gordon Rennie talk about their graphic novel Robbie Burns: Witch Hunter, and artist Tiernen Trevallion shows off some sketches and finished pages. [BBC News]

Creators | Gene Luen Yang has done so many interviews that you'd think there would be no new ground to cover, but Nia King goes into depth with him in an interesting discussion of Yang's Christianity, the decisions he made when creating Boxers and Saints, and how being a judge in the National Book Awards a few years back changed his approach to his work. [Nia King]

Creators | Cartoonist Tom Toro reminisces about the first time one of his cartoons was accepted by The New Yorker; it was his 610th try. [NPR]

Comic strips | Pearls Before Swine creator Stephan Pastis had some fun at the expense of his boss, John Glynn, head of Universal Uclick syndicate, in Sunday's strip. Fortunately, as Michael Cavna finds out, Glynn had a sense of humor about it. [Comic Riffs]

Graphic novels | Looking for something to read? Graphic Novel Reporter posts its picks from the winter 2015 releases. [Graphic Novel Reporter]

Conventions | Artist and inker Randy Emberlin was among the guests at this weekend's Wizard World Comic Con in Portland, Oregon. [Portland Tribune]

Retailing | Comics and movie fans are big business in Orlando, Florida, which is home to A Comic Shop (which once staged a mock protest against the Superhero Registration Act and has an affiliated bar, Geek Easy), the comics convention Megacon, and It's a Trap!, an "escape room" where participants have to figure out real-life puzzles, just like in the movies. Another comic shop, Gods & Monsters, is due to open there soon. [Orlando Sentinel]

Retailing | Jake Blumgart posts a guide to Philadelphia comic shops. [Keystone Edge]

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